Crying of Calls 49: Cytherean Recap

I mentioned recently that I got Jason Miller’s excellent “Advanced Planetary Magic”, which, again, you should totally get, since it’s worth far more than the cost.  It’s a collection of 49 short prayers or invocations to be used during different combinations of the planetary hours and days for different ends (so there’s a Moon/Saturn call to be done in an hour of the Moon on the day of Saturn, a Saturn/Moon call to be done in an hour of Saturn on the day of the Moon, etc.).  As part of his goal to get this magic out in the world and practiced by the masses, Mr. Miller started up a project called The Crying of Calls 49, where people participate by calling out one of the calls each for 49 consecutive days in the proper hour for a given week.  So, the first week is for the Moon calls, the second week for the Mercury calls, and so forth.  I’m posting my results in the Facebook group for the project, but I also thought I’d share my results and experiences with you all as well.    I won’t share what the Calls are or what they’re for, since you should go buy the ebook and find out for yourself, but the astute among you will figure it out.

This past week, Monday 7/22 through Sunday 7/28, we did the calls to Venus (whose official adjective is “venereal”, but I prefer “cytherean” instead, because…well, ew).  Below are my experiences and thoughts:

7/22: Venus/Moon 

Performed the call in my cubicle in the first hour of Venus.  Visualized the sigil of Venus copper on purple, intoning A-H seven times, then made the Call eight times quietly, then inhaled the sigil.  I feel fucking awesome, actually; this really feels sensual, way mroe than the Moon/Venus call, like I’m stripping after a night of partying with the smell of someone else’s cologne on me.  The sigil appeared more organic than it usually does, and the purple light around it almost looked velvety; it inhaled down like smooth, heady wine.  I almost feel indecently good in the office.

7/23: Venus/Mars

Did the Venus/Mars call in the very last hour possible, the hour right before dawn on Wednesday. Performed it after my normal morning prayers and a full Sevenths-calling ritual; lit a candle with some rose and pine incense, called on Aphrodite with the Orphic Hymn while visualizing her glyph green on red, then intoned O-H seven times while visualizing her sigil copper on red. Made the Call seven times, then inhaled the sigil and closed out.

This wasn’t too bad a call, but it also felt a little subdued, considering the phrasing and intent of it. It certainly felt direct and potent, but it was almost restrained and polite; perhaps that’s the point, by using congenial charm to conquer. The sigil was equally subtle; the copper blended right in with the red light of Mars, and when I inhaled it it seemed to “attach” to me like a light exoskeleton-based weapon. Maybe it’s due to my already being aligned well with these forces, but it felt comfortable yet empowering all the same. (I wonder what that says about me.)

7/24: Venus/Mercury

Made the Venus/Mercury call in the second hour of Venus, right before the third hour of Mercury at night. Standard operating procedure: short Sevenths-calling, candle, rose and cinnamon incense, called on Aphrodite with the Orphic Hymn while picturing her glyph green on orange, intoned E-H seven times while visualizing her sigil copper on orange, made the Call seven times, inhaled the sigil, and closed out.

I think “calming” is a good word to use for this, but it misses something. “Composing” might be better; it feels similar to the Luna/Mercury call from before. The Venus vibes are very smooth and sensual, and when focused through the buzz of Mercury gives it a very solid, almost structurally nice feel, as if the mental and conducive channels of Mercury are being used by the life force and fluid of Venus to strengthen and make it more “organic”. I’d think this would be certainly good before any counseling or empathic work for this. The sigil seemed fluid yet fiery tonight; easy to inhale, almost like breathing in tentacles of light, and sweet in a way.

7/25: Venus/Jupiter

Performed the Venus/Jupiter call in the second hour of Venus today. Standard operating procedure: short Sevenths-calling, Orphic Hymn with candle and rose/cedar incense, intoned Y-H seven times while visualizing the sigil of Venus copper on blue, made the Call seven times, inhaled the sigil, and closed out (and made a number of other offerings to household, familiar, and divine spirits afterward).

This was a very pleasant, smooth, luxurious feeling; after all, the two benefics combined lead to an awesome time. The overall feeling was cool and smooth, that smoothness coming from Venus and the coolness from airy Jupiter. The sigil had an embossed filigree-like look to it, wrapping around me gently instead of properly inhaling; I swear I heard soft music and a sort of gilded floral pattern in that blue background of the sigil while making the call. Very artsy, very focused on fine beauty and good taste. And yet, things seem a little more reassured, a little more “solid” around me; that’s probably the Jovial influence. Good before a museum outing or some classy show, I suppose.

7/26: Venus/Venus

Made a full adoration of Venus today at dawn after my morning ritual procedure, including meditation and Sevenths-calling. Lit rose incense and a candle, then went full out from there: read the Orphic Hymn seven times, intoned H 49 times, called upon the presence and blessing of Aphrodite and all her spirits (using the short incantation from the Picatrix), then made the Call seven times while picturing her sigil copper on emerald. Inhaled, thanked her, and closed out.

Instead of just picturing the Venus glyph, the whole goddess appeared to me today, emerald beads in her hair like seaweed braids and ocean blue eyes and all. I may be fairly Mercurial in nature, but Venus is the strongest planet and effectively my celestial “Mother”; this felt like a really deep recharge of divine essence for me. Totally washed over, like getting out of a calm ocean, and I feel smoothed out and cooled off, with a very deep sense of feels, like bleeding-heart compassion and love. While she was there, I asked Aphrodite to bless my relationship and my works of art/Art, and she gladly gave it, though suggested I work with her more even though she’s already always around me. This ritual is definitely among the strongest for me so far. Inhaling the sigil at the end was like icing on the cake; it completely merged with me with nearly no effort, and almost burned in my mind it was so bright and vivid. Beautiful in every way.

7/27: Venus/Saturn

Did the Venus/Saturn call today, in the second hour of Venus with the standard operating procedure with rose and myrrh incense.

The keyword for tonight is “toxic”. Seeing the glyph of Venus green on black reminded me instantly of radioactivity or poison signs, and during the Orphic Hymn there was some kind of repeated screeching outside sounding like a horror movie violin track (that lasted only for as long as the Hymn did, interestingly enough). The sigil of Venus copper on black seemed corrosive, too, turning a sickly patina’d green at the edges. The feeling from this was almost scathing, like a woman’s cold, cold stare bearing right into my heart, and it’d be easily frightening if I weren’t the one doing the Call. I had no specific enemies in mind, so I directed it to all who would stand before me, turning all their loved ones, friends, family, colleagues, coworkers, allies, associates, etc. against them. Again, there’s that grim satisfaction from that underlying Saturn current as it was from the Luna/Saturn and Mercury/Saturn calls, but the smoothness and coolness of Venus turned into an icy, slick feeling. Very interesting.

7/28: Venus/Sun

Did the Venus/Sun call tonight in the third hour of Venus. Standard operating procedure, with rose and frankincense incense.

I didn’t get anything as mind-breakingly beautiful as Jason got, but then, I’m tired from a hangover from a party the day before. Still, the call seemed different from the others, and sounded almost…I don’t want to say “broken”, but it didn’t have the same ring or flow to it that the others have had (at least so far). Still, it was pleasant, though the forces of Venus and the Sun don’t seem to mesh very well together; it’s like the heat and stillness of the Sun overpower or conflict with the smoothness and coolness of Venus. Inhaling the sigil (copper on gold) didn’t work tonight; instead, the sigil sorta “dropped”, and I stood upon it instead, and immediately saw the sigil of Venus replicated in every atom of every molecule infinitely around me; now that was cool. They do say that the Universe was founded on the principle of Love, after all. It’s reassuring and joyful in its own quietly awesome way.

XTC Incense

On Friday, I let my hair down (so to speak) and had a grand old time in my room grooving out to classic vocal trance, a bottle or two of wine, and a fuckton of incense.  I ended up burning enough to make my room pretty dense with smoke, enough to set off a smoke detector, that’s for sure, but that was because I ended up adding more things to burn in the brazier.  The end result was fantastic; in fact, I was pretty blissed out and hypersensitive to any number of things.

Because it was so awesome, and because I want to remember what I put in it and share the recipe for you, I give you XTC (Expetibilis Thymiana Cythereae) incense.  The recipe for the incense was kinda complicated, and it ended up becoming something like a Venusian kyphi.  I ended up blending the scents by burning them separately, some with sticks and some with loose powders, but here’s a good approximation of what a complete recipe would be:

  • two parts rose
  • one part musk
  • one part gardenia
  • one part patchouli
  • one part jasmine
  • one part lavender
  • one part orris root
  • one part sandalwood, splintered or powdered
  • one part dragon’s blood resin, finely crushed
  • one part benzoin
  • one half part calamus
  • one half part cinnamon bark, splintered or powdered
  • a few drops kava kava extract

You could probably mix it all up and make pellets by soaking some figs or dark raisins in some rosé wine or champagne with a bit of honey, then blending it all with the above and burning on a charcoal.

Instead of a caption, this cat gets a sigil.

You may remember that Nyan Cat plaque I made for a friend.  Well, being me and all, I decided to emblazon and charge it with a sigil for my friend’s benefit, because what good would a Nyan Cat do just lying on a shelf?  (Be completely awesome and a wonderful conversation piece, obviously.)  So I decided to artsy up this sigil as well and post it to the interwebs.  The intonation associated with this sigil is “MUNES ILTER JEK” (moo-nehs eel-tehr jehk), if you’re so acoustically inclined.

Also, according to friends, both this and the last sigil I posted back in October look like hats.  What an odd trend.  I claim it looks like…okay, no, it also kinda looks like a hat.  Whatever.

In other crafting news, I decided to remake my black-handled dagger based on the Key of Solomon.  I was using a dinky little 6″ one that literally my hand would envelop (I’ve got big hands), so I decided to use a slightly larger dagger this time around and did it a little nicer with a dremel and more patience with the metal engraver (picture’s up in Crafts).  Also, in preparation for making a talisman per Fr. Rufus Opus’ Astral Warrior handbook, I’m in the process of making a Table of the Moon, a 9×9 grid of numbers that add up to the same value in each row and column.  These magic squares, also called kameas, are powerful planetary talismans in their own right, and I made one for my Saturn talisman consecration a while back.  This, however, is three times the size, and of course I’m only working on it during lunar hours on Mondays.  Next Monday I’ll be inlaying the kamea with silver leaf, painting over the wood in purple, and applying a few layers of finish.  I pray I never have to do this shit again; if I do, I’m taking RO’s advice and just drawing the damn thing out on paper.

It’s kinda funny; I was recently chatting with Haniel, the angel of Venus, and asked him to reconsecrate my Venus altar talisman.  He said nope; basically, I don’t have a need for the extra Venus power, since there’s so much Venus around me as it is.  I just thought he referred to my being very Venusian astrologically (Taurus rising, Libra sun, Venus almuten, etc.), but the Unlikely Mage pointed out that, no, I’ve been making omgsomuch crap lately.  Looking back, he’s right; I have been crafting an impressive amount of this stuff in the past month or two, and it’s also true that one of Venus’ powers is that of generation and creation.  Although I tend to make stuff with the intent to use them (Venus in Virgo, after all), the stuff I make tends to be nice and look nice.  In this sense, I suppose one of the purposes of the altar talismans I made is to help balance things out in my life; if I’m already good to go in one area, that particular talisman won’t need to do much.  Alternatively, that talisman is doing its job by having me bring about its influence into manifestation.  Either way, nifty.

So, how’ve you been?  Read any good books lately?