Achievement Unlocked: GSDMF

The consecration rituals for my planetary talismans is complete.  My trashcans are filled with tealight tins, and my Table of Manifestation feels and looks awesome.  Now I just need to figure out how to use it.  The consecration for the Saturn talisman I made is also complete, and I’ve finished chatting it up with the spirits and angels of Saturn.  Pictures of both are up under the Crafts section, and there’s a write-up of my experiences and procedures of making the Saturn talisman under the Crafts section as well.  After the conjuration of Tzaphqiel to lock in the powers of Saturn into that talisman, I feel almost nauseous from any sort of movement at all.  Bleh.

Perhaps fittingly from the Saturn talisman project, I now know my limits for taking on several projects at once, and I’m pretty damn tired.  No end to the Work, though, and I’ve already got a few more projects lined up.  For now, sangria and Xena sound like a wonderful rest of the weekend.  Good night.