Crucible Convention 2013!

It nearly slipped my mind, but chatting with Pallas Renatus recently reminded me that Crucible Convention is coming up soon!  Held on October 26 this year in Somerset, NJ, it’s a convention for mystics, mages, magicians, and occultists of all kinds, traditions, and breeds.  I highly suggest going, especially since they have a new venue this year.  Tickets are $35 for the event and $5 extra for the catered dinner, and as of this writing hotel rooms range from $120 to $300 per night and depending on how fancy you want to get (the suites have bidets!).

Last year was fun, and I’m looking forward to another awesome year this time around.  If you’re interested in going and staying the night (which I highly recommend you do, since events can sometimes last well into the night), let me know and I’ll see if anyone I know going can share a room or arrange one with you.

Also, in case this isn’t quite your magical schtick or you’re on the West Coast, you might be interested in going to Stone and Stang, held earlier in October this year in Simi Valley, CA.  It’s aimed at non-heterosexual men’s spirituality, and I’d probably go if I had the travel budget for it, but perhaps next year.