Spells from the Spirits

In my opinion, which probably doesn’t amount to much, being a magician requires only two things:

  • figuring out what to do
  • doing it

What?  You want something more?  Gosh, you’re so needy.

Being a magician means that you do magic.  Magic isn’t that hard to do, and there are thousands of books on the topic anywhere you look.  Hell, this is probably one of the few times in the history of magic that we’ll ever be able to have so much information including the crap and cruft (especially the crap and cruft) available for cheap or free, instantly or locally.  So long as you have the will and reason to do it, magic will easily follow.  Of course, this itself often necessitates knowing how to do a working, ritual, or spell.  Sometimes you can pick this up from a fluffy book on neopaganism from the Barnes and Noble, sometimes from translating Latin or Coptic from ancient manuscripts, and sometimes from the higher powers themselves as revealed wisdom.

Probably one of the most direct ways to work magic with spirits is, well, to work with the spirits.  Instead of just summoning one of the big angels or gods and giving them a charge to carry out, I went a step further and asked each elemental king and planetary governor for a familiar spirit from their respective spheres, building myself up a nice posse of spirits respective of all the forces I work with.  I asked for an ally, friend, mentor, and assistant harmonious and compatible with my temperature and nature, which yielded anything from a black jaguar from Mercury to a Wraeththu partier from Venus to a sexy scaley biker from Fire, which is kinda awesome.  I got their seals and names, asked how they’re doing and what they like to do, and got their agreement to work with me as I needed them and for them to call on me when they need me; it’ll be a mutual agreement between us.  Calling on them helps me out when I need to work with a particular force, much better than just trying to manipulate forces directly alone.

Although plenty of rituals and spells can be devised from first principles, looking up tables of correspondences and piecing together qabbalistic symbols to form a complete ritual script and structure, sometimes the best sources for magical workings is from magic itself and the spirits that make it happen.  Here are a few spells and tricks I’ve learned in my time so far as a magician from sources that aren’t written down.  I’ve gotten these little workings as revealed tricks from nonphysical entities themselves, and they work well enough in my experience.  In some cases, they were originally once-off acts that I ended up repeating and “fixing” down, which turns a spontaneous act into a set ritual.

To Heal with Water (Egyn): rub the infected, diseased, or wounded part of the body with cool, clean water fit for drinking with your dominant hand.  Say “ARABŌTH ZYGAL NINDIANA MENĒ” as you rub it.

To Come to Know A Place (Amaymon): take a handful of powder from a place (dirt, dust, snow, salt, sand, etc.) and make a circle counterclockwise around you from the south.  Facing south between the center of the circle and the edge of the circle, draw with your hand or with more powder a pentagram with an upside down T in the space between the upper left and top points of the pentagram, and a proper T in the space between the lower right and upper right points.  Stand within the circle and observe, as in a watchtower or post.

Orison for Dreams (Gabriel): Repeat the following before going to sleep.

Gabriel, o Gabriel, hear my call
Angel of truth, sender of knowledge all
God’s strength, water and moon’s blessed king
To me in my dreams lend your gracious wing.
Guard me in my sleep, keep me from nightmare’s dread
Help me my dreams recall and their dim paths tread
I walk now into deep sleep’s foggy mist
Me now over my dreams with control assist.

For Sexual Prowess (Kammael): Rub oneself with a talisman of Mars while saying an invocation to the planet or its spirits and eat something spicy before engaging in sex with someone.  For passion, dominance, strength, and pleasure.

For Light (HGA): Say this prayer.

For sending spirits on (Hermes): Use this symbol to open a portal or gate, and direct the spirits into it.

Of course, there are plenty of other things I do that are technically received from the spirits, but aren’t properly spells or rituals.  They’re more spontaneous, inspired actions, done according to the context, need, and intent of a particular time and location.  Saying an extemporaneous prayer or energetically linking the four directions at a crossroads or mixing in some dirt in incense during a forest ritual because the spirits suggest it or because it “feels right” is actually fairly common;  it’s not because of what I think, but because I’m led or guided to do it.  Still, a few set spells aren’t too bad to work with.

A Little Light

I’ve been working a lot with the forces of light recently, in terms of the ring consecration and other ongoing works which are having a significant effect on me, my Work, and my life in general.  I received a short prayer today that’s supposed to help me focus on and help me in working with light.

Blessed is he that walks in the light.
Blessed is he that follows the path of the light.
Blessed is he that is guided by the light.
Blessed is he that walks in the light.

Holy Light, guide me.
Holy Light, surround me.
Holy Light, support me.
Holy Light, fill me.

It turns out that working with the force of light is something for me to work on for a good while more, if not a lifetime project, which is something for me to enjoy as well as focus on.  How fortuitous, then, that my magical motto reflects just this same notion: Lautitia Laborum Lucis Laetor, “I Rejoice in the Splendor of the Works of the Light”.  Even though I’ve kept my motto pretty much a secret and unused, I figured it was a good choice to announce it to the world today, especially what with my recent work and results with the light.  I didn’t choose the motto recently by any means; in fact, I chose it back about a year or so ago.  The motto’s been hovering on the blog this whole time, too: the letters LLLL forms the four corners of the sigil up at the top of the blog, my personal emblem.  It’s unclear whether I’ll choose to go with the grandiose appellation “Frater LLLL” anytime soon over the simpler “polyphanes”, but now it’s official.

UPDATE (6/29/2012): Since I’m bored, I decided to make a translation of the prayer in Latin.  Enjoy!

Benedictus qui venit in luce.
Benedictus qui sequitur luce.
Benedictus qui dicetur luce.
Benedictus qui vadit in luce.

Lux Sanctum, duce me.
Lux Sanctum, saepi me.
Lux Sanctum, sustine me.
Lux Sanctum, comple me.