Talismans, Curses, Conjurations, News, Etc.

Seems like I got a fair bit accomplished since my last post. Guess I triggered some change for a good effect, or something.  I had a few worries that the hurricane that swept up the east coast would interfere with a few of my plans, but yeah, no.  I should keep this advice in mind when it comes to interpreting weather news.  Also, Mercury went direct again!  He’ll be back up to speed in early September, if you’re curious.  And now for the updates:

  • As part of my making a working magician’s altar, I’m making a series of planetary talismans, one for each of the seven traditional planets.  It’s an awesome project, though it’s taking its own sweet time: each talisman needs to be made in its proper planetary day and hour, which yields three or four hours, one hour at a time, one day a week, for each talisman.  Each talisman is a small wood disk engraved via woodburning with the planet’s symbol and its seals along with its angel’s name and his seal (those last two are from the Magical Calendar and Heptameron).  The engravings are filled with gold leaf, and a small hole in the bottom of each talisman is filled with the planet’s proper metal (lead for Saturn, a copper nail for Venus, etc.).  I’ve got only Mars and the Moon talismans to fill with metal, and afterward need to apply finish to all of them and consecrate them, which will involve calling up the planetary angels for the first time.  Lessons learned from this project: don’t try to nail too many things into the same block of wood at once, silver’s really hard to melt down with a propane torch, and if 5′ of gold wire costs only $20, it’s probably not gold.
  • I put up two new pages under the Rituals menu: Writing a Defixio, on the writing of binding spells and curse tablets such as those found across the classical Mediterranean and European world; and my complete (but probably crappy) translation of the Planetary Conjurations from the Munich Manual, complete with illustrations.  That said, that whole section from the Munich Manual was basically lifted wholesale from the Heptameron, so, whatever.  And my parents said that Latin would never be useful for me.
  • I conjured Michael again and the Elemental Prince Oriens for the first time last week so I could go through the last of the elemental initiations.  Alas!  Oriens turned me down, saying that I wasn’t yet ready.  Michael suggested that I talk to my natal genius first in order to find out more about my true will and cause for doing all this occult stuff, with the suggestion that understanding why I’m doing this will make my drive to do it all that much stronger.  Also, this time talking with Michael, things were much cooler than the time before: the first time I conjured Michael, it was a really intense experience, but I had also been building up for that in every possible fiery way I could imagine.  Apparently, it’s much more in tune and harmonic usually, but still wiped me out (or burnt me out, if you will).
  • Also as part of this stage of my Work, I had to conjure the other princes of the elements, the nasty demonic ones whose names are Samael, Azazel, Azael, and Mahazael.  I conjured the archangels to bring them to me, then I sealed them up on pieces of paper bound in black thread and sealed up in little tea tins taped shut.  This is to keep their influence out of my life, and things have felt kind of clearer and a little easier since I started doing this, though that may be entirely psychological (what isn’t, when it comes to magic?).  It’s not the sturdiest of prisons, but it’ll do for now.  Once I finish the planetary talismans, I’ll redo the prisons, time permitting.  Bee tee dubs, those are some spiteful, hateful things.  I can’t remember the last time I shivered at that sort of emotion so deeply before.  Since then, however, things have felt…I dunno.  More relaxed, calm, smoother, even though nothing has explicitly turned out for the better.  No complaints, though.
  • After chatting with the four archangels, they helped me out by agreeing to come to my aid if I called on them by name outside of a proper conjuration.  The conjuration helps forge a stronger connection, but when I don’t have the materia or time, asking for their help with a small oration will suffice.  Nifty!
  • After my chalice shattered by my own hand after the oh-so-horrible earthquake aftermath last week, I went shopping and got a simple but pretty (and much sturdier and shorter) glass goblet.  I conjured up Gabriel the next day and had his help to consecrate this new cup for my altar, and now all is right with the world.  Or getting there, at least.
  • Along with my new chalice, I bought some asafoetida powder from an Indian store.  Asafoetida, also called hing or Devil’s dung, is a powerful herb related to Saturn and Mars, and can curse, uncurse, or banish.  That said, now I know why people think Indian food stinks, and my whole house smells like ass forever.  Such sadness.
  • It turns out there’s a decent Saturn election next month (Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 2:29 p.m. EDT where I live), when Saturn will have an essential dignity of +8 (If I did my math correctly).  I’m taking advantage of that to make a decent Saturn talisman for myself and to get some experience in astrological magic.  The whole process will be pretty involved, but I’ve already gotten the basic steps done of making a base lead disc for the talisman and planning out the design.  I’m pretty excited since, according to a natal reading from Chris Warnock at Renaissance Astrology, a talisman of Saturn is highly recommended for myself.  As part of this upcoming ritual, I’m also making a wooden kamea of Saturn, which should be done this coming weekend.
  • I’m restarting the practice of a weekly divination.  I’m out of practice with geomancy and I really need to pick my skills back up, so I’m going to try to get a weekly and monthly divination up again.  I’ll try to remember to note my results on this blog, just for reference’s sake.
Next up, finishing up a few more talismans, consecrating them with the archangels, having a few chats with my natal genius, working on this Saturn talisman, and rebinding the demonic elemental princes with lead and steel instead of paper and tealights.  Also, by mid-September, I’ll have a fully operational Death Star Table of Manifestation, which alone will be a significant achievement for me.  All that should carry me through the end of September nicely with plenty of stuff to do.  Now if only I could fit things like sleep and boozing it up in clubs in there, too, but I guess I should have something resembling priorities.

Days go by and still I think of blogging

So I thought I’d have been able to get a blog post or something out since the last one, but I guess not.  Between more offsite training to learn another programming language and finding a cute boy with whom I sense a good deal of potential, I haven’t had much time for chores, much less a conjuration or something.  I blame Mercury being retrograde as for my lack of updates, since it’s supposed to be a good time to review and remember.  In fact, I tried calling up Michael again today, you know, the archangelic king of fire, to talk to him about a few things.  No response.  Guess I should try to actually chat with him through his form as the King of Wands first before rushing things more; the ritual can wait, I suppose.

However, I haven’t been completely idle.  I ordered a natal chart reading from Christopher Warnock over at Renaissance Astrology, which was awesome.  Good information in all the various parts of my life (apparently I’ve got a problem with jilted lovers becoming secret enemies of mine, who knew?), but as far as magic and the occult goes, I’ve got a very strong connection with Saturn.  He’s dignified in Sagittarius in the 9th house conjunct Uranus; my friend over at The Unlikely Mage said that that sort of position is like bringing a torch down into ancient tunnels of knowledge, and it’s true: I like older styles and forms of ritual and the occult, and I’ve got a passion for Latin and classical culture.  Plus, with Uranus in the mix there, I’m also apt and able to update some methods and blend new styles into the old to create forms both awesome and, at its heart, traditional all at once.  Nifty!  Plus, I might be well-advantaged to take up more Saturnian arts such as necromancy and binding and other occult, hidden arts.  However, since I’ve got other things on my plate right now, I’ll hold off on chatting it up with Tzaphqiel until a little later.  I’ve always felt happy and pleasant about dealing with Saturn, but that doesn’t lessen its roughness to work with.

Shifting gears for a bit: while I don’t have a magical altar set up, I do have a devotional altar which I pray at and make offerings and stuff.  Since I had a chance to light a lot of candles, the altar looked awfully pretty, so I took a picture of it.

The center candle is the first one lit, and is (or should be) lit whenever I’m home; this candle represents the light of God and is like my own Lamp or Eternal Flame.  On the far left is a votary offering for the genius and other spirits of my home, with an offering of fresh water, wine, grapes, and a lit candle.  The inside left candle is an offering for my natal genius.  The candle on the right in the back with the spirit placard is an offering to the genius and spirits of the land around my apartment, along with an offering of wine and grapes.  The candle on the right in front is lit in honor and thanks for Saturn; I time my prayers to coincide with the planetary hour and day of the god I’m making these offerings to, and I dress the candle in the colors and symbols appropriate to that particular deity as well as light some incense appropriate to that god.  In this case, I had a candle painted black with the seals, sigils, and symbols related to Saturn and lit a stick of myrrh incense.  The whole getup is rather pretty, I think.  Eventually I’ll get other figurines and statues and things to put up, but this is what I have set up on a fancy day.  I only light candles to the genii of my apartment and land when I make offerings, but since I hadn’t given one in a while, I decided to go ahead with that today.