Full Moon Ritual

(Update 1/9/2018: Interested in more about this ritual?  Check out my more polished, fleshed-out writeup over on this page!)

Well, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s entirely overcast, I’d be outside right now under the light of the full moon doing a short and simple ritual.  Tonight’d be a fantastic night for it, too, since the Moon is at its perigee, its closest point to the Earth, so it’s also huge.  Fie on the weather!  The only cop-out (cop-in?) I’d be able to get is if it started raining; the angel of the Moon once suggested that if I can’t get moonlight, moonrain is just as helpful, since the moonlight comes in contact with the clouds and the clouds transfer that light to Earth in a more material way.  Next month might be better, since the full moon will occur on a Monday, so I can get it to its own day and time, assuming that the weather will allow for it.

Anyway, the ritual I use for full moons is short and simple, taken from the Greek Magical Papyri (VII.317).  On the night of a full moon, go out to a dark place outside where you can see the Moon.  Purify oneself in the moonlight however one sees fit, then say the following:


State your request and intent to the Moon aloud, whether something general such as for protection or for something specific for a particular working.  Make an offering to the Moon, then close the rite as you see fit.

The names are related to very dark, chthonic, or nighttime-related spirits, as can be seen by the name of Ereshkigal (in a Greek form) in the words.  Jason Miller uses a variant of the first three words in his spirit trap design, too, and this working is under a heading in the PGM specifically for protection.  However, I use this as a general working, with protection as it main focus.