Guest post over at Open Path Sanctuary

I mentioned before that I’m helping out and mentoring people over at Open Path Sanctuary, an organization helping to educate, raise awareness, and further pagan and occult interests and knowledge in the southeast United States.  They’re getting started with teaching some introductory courses, free and open to everyone, on the occult.  They’re really neat, and it looks like an extremely helpful thing from beginners to adepts.  If you’re an adept or expert yourself, or have a lot of experience in a given occult art, try volunteering; the project could always do with more knowledge to share.

In the meantime, while the main organizer of Open Path is busy, she asked me to write something as an appetizer for more substantial goodies to come.  The resulting guest post, An Overview of Ancient Greek Religion, is up now, so head on over and check it out.  Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean world is one of my interests and this was something easy to write about.  Plus, since Greece was the source and root of so much, from the legal systems we use to various aspects of paganism and worship, a bit of history might do some good out there.

Interim Notes

So, after the hurly-burly of the past few weeks, I’ve decided to take it a little easier on myself than I have been for a bit, at least until my birthday weekend in early October.  Once that’s passed, I’m going to adopt a regular five-week cycle of conjurations, going through each of the planetary angels, each of the elemental kings, and my natal genius every so often.  It’ll keep me in shape and good practice, to be sure, though I’ll be needing quite a bit more incense.  Good thing that frankincense is a good all-purpose offering.

Ever since I called up Gabriel, archangel of the Moon, two weeks ago, my dream recall has shot up.  I’ve never been much for dream recall, interpretation, or lucidity, to my occasional lament.  I’ve done better with getting hints through more direct means, though it’s not for lack of trying that I say this.  However, since meeting with Gabriel and having his influence begin to grow in my life, my suddenly and greatly improved dream recall is definitely one of the noticeable changes I’ve noticed.  To be fair, my dreams are more active and hectic than my day-to-day life and not some ephemeral, Enya-like menagerie of imagery, so that’s interesting.

In other news, the amazing fantabulous spledid A Bad Witch is starting a series of courses at the Open Path Sanctuary blog, including an introductory course on Hermeticism which you should TOTALLY get involved with.  It’s free, applicable to pretty much everyone interested in Western occultism, and yours truly is going to help out with mentoring and guiding people who need it.  (Dunno why she thinks me qualified to help with mentoring, but I’ll try to help all the same.)  The first course on the qualities of the elements and how they reflect in ourselves is online at this link.