Geomantic Meditative Music

It’s rare I do anything but share words and the occasional graph on this blog, so let’s try something different.  I was on the train not too long ago and going through my music library trying to find something to listen to, when I had the idea that “hey, I like this song, it’s not a bad example for this one geomantic figure”.  I realized that the similarities in the feelings that song evoked (for me, at least) hit home regarding that particular figure, so I went through the rest of the songs in my library and quite a few that weren’t and compiled a small playlist of songs and music videos.  Each song is selected that best represents that geomantic figure to me, which you might find useful in your meditations and explorations of the figure.  Besides, it shows off some of the songs I really like generally, and it’s been a while since I shared anything too personal about my tastes in something not explicitly magical.

Feel free to share your own music videos in the comments, and let others know what songs you think best represent the figures!

Populus: “Elements” (Lindsey Stirling, 2012), Lindsey Stirling

Via: “Eye of the Storm” (Dreamcypher, 2007), The Crüxshadows (lyrics)

Albus: “Dark Age (Karsh Kate Remix)” (Tantra Lounge vol. 5, 2007), Midival Punditz

Coniunctio: “Find A New Way” (Too Young to Fight It, 2007), Young Love (lyrics) (bonus points if you find the alternate video for this song!)

Puella: “Scars Of A Lighthouse” (Take Cair Paramour, 2010), Ashbury Heights (lyrics)

Amissio: “Find You’re Here” followed immediately by “Find You’re Gone” (Find You’re Here, 2003), Wolfsheim (lyrics here and here, respectively)

Fortuna Maior: “I Always Knew” (Down to Earth, 2008), Jem (lyrics)

Fortuna Minor: “Die Hölle Muss Warten” (Die Hölle Muss Warten, 2012), Eisbrecher (lyrics and translation from German)

Puer: “Beyond The Bounds (Eshericks Remix 2012)”, (Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner OST, 2003), Maki Kiriota feat. K Á R Y Y N (lyrics)

Rubeus: “Talons” (Intimacy, 2008), Bloc Party (lyrics)

Acquisitio: “Gold Guns Girls” (Fantasies, 2009), Metric (lyrics)

Laetitia: “El Pico” (Ratatat, 2004), Ratatat

Tristitia: “Sweet Demure” (Collide, 2008), Beats Antique

Carcer: “God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me” (The Freezing Atlantic, 2005), Aberdeen City (lyrics)

Caput Draconis: “GO!” (Master of My Make-Believe, 2012), Santigold feat. Karen O (lyrics)

Cauda Draconis: “Don’t Do It” (Portal 2: Songs To Test By, 2011), Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory

Phos kai Sophia

In light of, er, all this light work I’ve been doing lately (which is fantastic bee tee dubs, but I’m starting to sense the price and risk associated with it all), a few lines of a song crept into my head this morning.

And through these doubts and through your confusion
Know that you are chosen to this fight
Look to find a soul filled with compassion
Look to see a living source of light

They’re from a song I heard…jeez, more than six years ago?  The guy I was dating then (we met in the most fantastic and silly of ways, and I need to get my ass out to the West and see him again when I’ve the leave and money to) gave me a mix CD from a gothy store once, and I immediately took a liking to a vast majority of the songs.  One of the songs was called Sophia, by the Crüxshadows, and it’s been one of my favorite songs for a long while now.  Not only did it get me more into EBM, dark dance music, and helped me out explore some of my more darker emotions and thoughts, but it’s been surprisingly fitting to my current work lately.

Despite affecting a very dark and edgy look, the Crüxshadows are very dominant with messages with life and light (which, I’d contend, is a mark of being a true goth).  Sophia is one of their big hits that made it onto several billboard records, but it also scored a big hit with me.  Now that I’ve started to work intensely with light as a force, I’ve started to rethink some of these lyrics in terms of my current situation.

After going through a small emo, ranty phase earlier, doubting pretty much what I was doing and only being told that I was doing things right even though I didn’t know what I was doing, I’m starting to see what the spirits and divination readings meant.  There is a purpose to what I’ve been doing, and even though it’s by no means complete, I’m just barely starting to get glimmers of what’s going on and how to get there.  And, to start with, this purpose consists of being a proper human being.  Right, human beings are animals, and we’re born into an animal dog-eat-dog (sometimes literally) world.  But as humans, we don’t have to kill, we don’t have to have packs and alphas, we don’t have to wage war on everything just to get our next meal.  We have the ability to help and share, right down to our emotion, minds, and spirits.

To be a proper human, we have to be able to act as light would in the darkness.  After all, we are descended ultimately from the Infinite Light, and even when we shut our eyes to it, the Light still shines around and within us.  It may be filtered through different crystals to form different colors, and sometimes it might be dimmed or warped or shifted to a degree that it becomes invisible to us but apparent in other ways or to other eyes; the Light still shines.  And it’s by knowing this Light, both outside us and inside us, that we know what we really are.

“How can I hope to be what’s inside of me?”  Look, and let the light guide you.

Apropos Perfection

So, it’s not apparent to many, but I’ve got a goth streak in me.  If I had the money and the social skill back in middle and high school, you’d’ve seen me dressed in fishnets, spikes, and whatever dregs of the goth subculture was filtering down through Hot Topic down to teens about ten years ago.  Now that I’m halfway done with my student loans and will be free of obligation to pretty much anyone, I might actually explore more of that side of me, fashion and otherwise.  It’s on my todo list to take a walk through my dark side in contemplation before too long; I might just tack this onto my ever-growing list of NY NY tasks.  Also, I’m considering an industrial piercing in my right ear and a transverse lobe piercing in my left, and this is from the guy without any body modifications whatsoever.

Anyway, I recently got hooked on more industrial and EBM-styles of music again, and I just discovered Aesthetic Perfection.  Besides having the most awesome style ever, this song has very strong parallels to my current practice.  Talk about reclaiming one’s race, heritage, and value as a human being.

One day, I pray, I’ll be a human being; stay with me, and have faith that I can change for the world.  It almost sounds like something I could tack onto my nightly Headless Rite practice.