Updated Version of “The Telescope of Zoroaster” PDF Available (Error Fixed)

It was bound to happen, of course, in a translation as nitpicky and as intricate as this.

So, a bit ago, not one but two people extremely clued-into ZT (one using the Ouroboros Press translation of the Das Kloster German text, the other using the original French text) pointed out a minute but still nontrivial error in one of the tables of my “Telescope of Zoroaster” PDF ebook.  Specifically, one of the tile allocations for one of the angels was mismatched: Michael should be given 32 but was given 35 in error instead (in addition to 55 and 95, which were already correctly assigned).  35 was already correctly assigned to Adriel.

I’ve gone back and fixed it, and uploaded the new version to both Etsy and Ko-fi for all future purchasers, but I don’t have an easy means to contact all those who have already purchased the text.  If you have already purchased the text and are interested in having a corrected version, please contact me using the Contact page of my website, or through messaging me on Etsy or Ko-fi regarding your order.  So long as you can provide proof of purchase (like your Etsy order number or something), I’ll send you a copy of the corrected PDF.

I apologize for the slip-up!  It helps to have an extra pair of eyes in something like this, and I’m glad I have some rather attentive readers looking out for me.

UPDATE: I’ve gone through my order lists on both Etsy and Ko-fi and tried to reply to everyone who’s ordered the book so far based on their original method of purchase, so if you’ve already purchased the book, be sure to your Etsy/Ko-fi messages.  If you aren’t able to find the message or if you’re unable to get the updated PDF there, please let me know using the messenger feature on Etsy/Ko-fi, or use the Contact page of my website to let me know.