I wanted advice, not earth-shattering revelation.

I did a fairly elaborate (by my standards and daily practice) preparation and conduction of the Headless Rite tonight, to get a stronger and more forceful connection with my HGA.  I wanted to sit down and have a chat with him about a few questions that were bugging me, but…well, did I ever get answers.  Some of which was in forms I did not care to have.  I’m afterwards in a state of mixed shock and other emotions I don’t readily have words for, but one statement from the chat is probably among the most important.  When I began to think about others who simply know their patrons or paths, or have it introduced to them, my HGA replied:

Nothing is simply given to you.  You have your tools to build doors and more tools; when you walk through the doors you build, you will find what has been waiting for you all along.

I’m gonna finish writing up this journal entry and probably go to sleep, because this plus the rest of the “chat” we had (which involved things I’m wary of even posting publicly, because damn that shit was weird) was a bit much to handle in one sitting.  I was gonna write a post earlier this week about being in a lull, but fuck that shit now.  Turns out that I’ve got Work to do, as was waiting for me.