Prayer of the Itinerant

In the mornings, I tend to say a few prayers or hymns.  Sometimes I pray to the First Father or the Logos, sometimes to the planets, and sometimes other entities entirely; it depends on the day, my mood, and how energetic I’m feeling.  One prayer, though, started out as an impromptu request, but I ended up repeating it morning after morning, and it just kinda stuck.  Since it uses a wanderer or travelling imagery, I’ve fancifully titled it the “Prayer of the Itinerant” (although the Ambler’s Prayer might also work well).   It’s a simple prayer of thanks and request for safety and guidance in life’s journey.  I present it in a polished form below.

God, heavenly father, eternal spirit, fountain of light,
I thank you for giving me another day to live and light to see.
Since you have seen it good to give me life today,
do not abandon me, do not forsake me,
but be with me as I walk the path laid out for me.

Be behind me as my protector,
in front of me as my guide,
beside me as my companion,
and above me as my God.

Shed your light on my path that I may see where I go.
Lighten the burden on my shoulders that I may walk without hesitation.
Enlighten my heart that I may go with fortitude and courage.

I see life as a road we walk on, sometimes with others and sometimes alone.  Sometimes we get lost and need to find our way back to the main road, and sometimes we get lost and the trail we amble down is the one we ought to take in the first place.  Sometimes we get stuck and need help getting around an obstacle, and sometimes we get stuck because we’re too tied down by baggage.  Sometimes we don’t even get up in the mornings because we’re too scared to take the first step of the day, and sometimes we don’t get up because there’s no map or foreseeable path at all.  Just keep in mind that roads always connect to other places, but they don’t do any good or lead anywhere unless they’re used.  We’re each given a path to walk on, so why let that or your time go to waste?  Take the road to its very end and enjoy the trip every step of the way.