Black-Hilted Dagger consecrated!

Finally, after all these months, I got around to consecrating my black-hilted dagger to act as a proper Saturnine weapon for Solomonic and grimoiric work.


The black-hilted dagger is described in the Key of Solomon to “strike terror and fear into the spirits” (book II, chapter 8) as well as to draw out the circles of art for the magician and his work (book II, chapter 9).  The consecration instructions for the dagger are as follows:

But as for the knife with the black hilt for making the circle, wherewith to strike terror and fear into the spirits…[place it thrice in the fire until it becometh red-hot] in the day and hour of Saturn, and dipped in the blood of a black cat and in the juice of hemlock, the characters and names shown [as above] being written thereon, from the point towards the hilt. Which being completed, thou shalt wrap it in a black silk cloth.

I had the poison hemlock ready, in the form of seeds to be pulverized and mixed into water.  The blood of the black cat, however, was another matter, and despite trying to get in contact with a friend with a black cat and who was trained to draw blood from animals, things never could come to fruition.  Eventually, I got to thinking about substitutes for blood, and another friend helped me out in making one.  The black cat is necessary because it represents a creature that can walk through worlds and is also a representative of the forces of Saturn; as such, the essence of a black cat is needed.

Another of my friends helped me out by getting me some fur of a black cat, which definitely helps but doesn’t alone qualify as a blood substitute.  The substitute was completed by mixing the following:

  • black cat fur
  • mullein leaf
  • asafoetida powder
  • crushed poison hemlock seeds
  • volcanic ash
  • obsidian dust
  • bloodstone dust
  • quartz dust
  • lead shavings
  • myrrh oil
  • absinthe

Over three days, from Saturday through Monday, I went to my Table of Manifestation, called on the angel of Saturn Tzaphqiel, prayed over it with the Orphic Hymn to Saturn, and charged it using my Saturn talisman to lend it a strong Saturnine quality.   I can’t overemphasize that this shit was noxious.  I threw out the tupperware used to store it just in case and used a cloth mask and gloves when handling it, not to mention keeping it in a Triangle of Art when not being actively handled or consecrated.

On a succeding Saturday during a waxing moon, in an hour of Saturn, I cleansed and consecrated the dagger according to the instructions above, with a few ceremonial additions (calling upon Tzaphqiel for assistance, using the Orphic Hymn to Saturn while heating the blade, etc.).  I anointed the dagger afterwards in myrrh oil to cover it, both to prevent tarnishing of the blade and to give it one last kick for power.  Simple enough, all told, though the smell was atrocious, even through a thick silk scarf suffocating me.  Now I have a Saturn weapon to correspond with the Mars weapon from the same book!  I am excite, especially now that I can get that noxious mixture out of my room forever.  The knife turned out an interesting mottled color, due to the heat and quenching applied to the blade; this does physically weaken the blade, but holding the knife in my hand, it feels deadly and serious.

And back to the grind.

So, now that last week’s training is done, I can settle back into a comfortable routine where I don’t feel so harried or rushed around, and have time to work out and conjure angels and shit.  There’s something to be said for drinking bottomless coffee at all hours of the day, though (caffeine is my drug of choice, and good lord it felt wonderful to be hyped up like that again).  Of course, as soon as the hurly-burly cleared up, I have to make a trip back home to see the family and find out I still have a social life.  Never a dull moment.

So, two things.  The first is that I created a Solomonic black-hilted knife last night according to the Key of Solomon, and I’m not too disappointed with myself.  It’s a pitifully small thing, only 6″ overall, which means it’s dwarfed by my own hand.  I got it as part of an initiation into a local pagan group, but I opted to go for something more…substantial.  Not wanting to have something like this lie around pointless, I decided to do a bit of woodburning and engraving, and voilà!  I have another ritual tool.  It was engraved in the day and hour of Saturn at night, since this sort of tool is very heavy on saturnian influences.  I still need to consecrate it, which involves heating it until it glows then quenching the whole thing in a mixture of hemlock juice and blood from a black cat.  Engraving the steel and putting up with fumes from the faux wood being burned is a comparative cinch, so I’m going to have to find decent substitutes for those things.  C’est la vie.  The plus side of having this sort of tool is that it’s a powerful weapon to use against infernal and demonic spirits, and the small size makes it appropriate to take it anywhere.  ‘Cause, you know, I’m constantly running into demonic possession all over the place.  DC, man, gotta love it.  I also threw on the words “AGLA” and “TZABAOTH” to fulfill the description in De Responsione Spirituum, so I’ve got a double-purpose athame here.  Nifty!  Pictures of it are up in the Crafts section, if you’re so interested.

Second, I conjured Raphael and Paimon today, after making myself get off my ass, and it went well.  Paimon seems to have appreciated the blog post and has kept me busy with learning and getting new ideas out into the world and into my own sphere.  He suggests to continue being active, as busy as I can, so that I don’t become stale and let dust settle over everything.  Understandable advice, especially with the upcoming astrological forecast: there’s an upcoming Mercury retrograde period from August 3 to 26, and as a Hermetic magician with lots of connections to Mercury, I’ll keep an eye out for how things work or change.  Maybe it won’t be anything bad; my astrologer and tarot reading friend over at The Naked Truth has noted before that people with Mercury retrograde in their natal charts tend to be a little clearer and more productive during these times than when Mercury goes direct, and I myself have that kind of status.  We’ll see.