I don’t usually reblog things, but this is important. Your regularly scheduled De Geomanteia post will go up today as well, but please take the time to read this and understand what I and millions of other LGBT people are going through today as two significant cases go before the Supreme Court. Here’s hoping for a victory for equal rights for all Americans and all humans, though this should never have been fought for anyway.


I’m writing this down for three reasons. First, I’ve been asked dozens of times ‘how this feels’ by friends and family over the past few weeks. Second, I think this might be interesting to look back on in 10 or 20 years as what it was like “back then.” And third, I can’t sleep, so why not.

This week, nine men and women who collectively make up the Supreme Court will consider if I, and millions like me, have the right to marry. They may decide this in the context of California, they may decide that the federal government can’t tell my state what to do with my marriage, or they may change the shape of gay marriage laws nationwide. They may deal a painful blow and decide that there is no such right.

No pressure.

There are certainly others with more of a stake in this than I have…

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