Conjuration Cycle

After all these months of planning and putting it off, I finally started and completed one iteration of a cycle of conjurations on New Year’s.  And boy, let me tell you, it was a trip, and it’s one I’m going to be sticking to for a while.  So, this cycle, lemme tell you about it.  It’s a five week period of conjurations that cycles through the angels of the seven planets, the angels of the four elements, and my natal genius.  In each conjuration of each of these forces, I like to spend time soaking in the light and power of that particular sphere, reconsecrating and recharging whatever tools or talismans I have, meditating on that force’s symbols, and asking for specific or general advice about where to go or what to do next. 

Keep in mind that I’m not doing the full fasting, prayer, and meditation preparation during this cycle like Fr. Ashen or other guys, and as a result I’m not getting world-shattering lighshow-inducing experiences.  I’m able to catch a glimpse of the angels in the crystal and have a conversation with them in my mind, and these experiences get stronger as time goes by.  I’m satisfied with how things are working out and expect things to get better as time goes by (or learn new ways to make things better).

  • I conjure the planetary angels from Tzaphqiel of Saturn to Gabriel of the Moon (descending planetary sphere order) on their proper planetary day and hour.  The minimum amount of time needed to go through these seven conjurations is five weeks.
  • Since I work from home Wednesdays, I conjure the sublunar elemental angels then from Auriel of Earth to Michael of Fire (ascending elemental density order).  Since one of the Wednesdays in the cylce is used by Raphael of Mercury, the other four Wednesdays in the cycle are given to the elemental angels.  I tried to match up the cycle of the elemental angels with the planetary as best I could, but it seems to work well enough.
  • I give the non-Michael-of-the-Sun Sundays for communicating with my natal genius (a fairly solar spirit) to make sure I’m integrating these energies appropriately.

Graphically, the cycle looks like the following. You’ll notice that I have the conjuration cycle starting off with Raphael of Air and Tzadqiel, which is influence from Fr. Rufus Opus who suggests the same with his Gates series of rituals.

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 Genius     Raphael
2 Genius   Kammael
3 Michael
4 Genius     Raphael
5   Gabriel

A few observations from the first iteration of the cycle:

  • That period of fire energy between Kammael and Michael of the Sun is intense.  I’m probably going to be looking forward to that week of awesomeness every time.  That conjuration of Auriel of Earth, though a party-pooper, is something needed to help keep me focused and grounded, though, so it’s something like a self-imposed restraint.
  • The period between Raphael of Mercury and Gabriel of Water is a very productive time; looking back at some of my recent blog posts and notes, I didn’t expect to have churned out as much data or ideas as I have.
  • The period between Gabriel of Water and Raphael of Air is the low point balancing out the fire period noted above.   Compared to the extroverted, outward-going hot and manic energies, this is a receptive, empathic, introverted, depressed period.  As I expected, based on my past watery and Saturnine experiences, I got sick (probably why I haven’t conjured Gabriel of Water since August).  Gotta watch out for my health during this and the following weeks.
  • Three or so conjurations a week really isn’t that bad.  Each conjuration usually hangs between 30 to 60 minutes long, with about 10 minutes of setup beforehand and 15 of cleanup and analysis afterward.  I just need to be mindful of parties or road trips to make sure I’m not too tired/hungover/lazy the next day to do what I need to do.
  • Phases of the Moon and other astrological transits from the start of the cycle until its first iteration’s end didn’t seem matter in the quality or clarity of the “connection” of the conjuration.  Other work related to a particular planet, however, did (strongest conjuration yet of Michael of the Sun happened a few Sundays back while I was doing a lot of fiery and solar work).

And some thoughts for future work:

  • The schedule isn’t very flexible.  Elemental angels can be conjured at any time, technically, but the planetary angels should only be conjured on their particular planetary day, though the planetary hour alone would suffice.  Missing a planetary angel conjuration would risk mixing up the schedule or putting things off a week or so.  I could get a few conjurations out of order, I suppose, but then I’d feel bad about mixing up the flow of things.
  • Conjuring my genius three or four times in five weeks doesn’t give us much to talk about in each conjuration.  I might cut it down to once or twice; I may as well build up more questions and use that whole stick of incense’s worth of time for him.  The rest of the Sundays I could devote to extra K&CHGA practice.
  • I spent some time trying to figure out how to set the schedule by phases of the Moon or astrological signs (fourish weeks), by the seasons (13 weeks) or cross-quarter days (sevenish weeks), or some other natural calendrical phenomena, but I didn’t have much success.  I could just expand the cycle to take up seven weeks (one week for each planet), but now that seems boring.   It’s something to be put on the back burner for now.  As it is, the cycle allows for 10 iterations to be done in a given year, allowing for two or three weeks of rest at the end or flexibility in pushing back certain rituals.
  • The cycle allows me to regularly come in contact with different spirits in a structured, repeated way.  That coupled with copious notetaking gives me many opportunities to experiment with different aspects of conjuration, technique, and magic in general.  I’ve got some ideas regarding variants of conjuration rituals or lamen designs, for one, not to mention pitching requests for other types of magical aid.


My Little Posse

Despite the title, no, I’m not into My Little Pony, nor am I a bro-ny.  For some reason that escapes me, the new MLP series is all the rage among men 20 to 35 years old.  I…I don’t even.

So I haven’t been completely idle these past few days, though I’m not as caught up as I wanted to be.  However, the next set of coursework for my Hermetic stuff came out, which goes over how to build a proper magician’s altar.  Now, keep in mind that I already have two altars, sorta: I have a devotional altar which I pray at and light candles and make offerings and stuff, and a small Ikea table which I use to perform miscellaneous rituals as the need arises.  The real altar, though, is going to be the Table of Manifestation, my sort of personal map of the macrocosm and microcosm as it relates to me, a supertalisman and focus for all my magical work.  It’ll have all my elemental weapons, symbols and talismans, and so on.  To that end, I’m getting together a rather large shopping list of metal ingots and weights to melt down to make talismans with and various other things (like some real frankincense resin incense and a proper charcoal incense burner).  Clearly, I’m putting my promotion and raise at work to good use.

As part of my altar setup, I’ll need talismans for each of the seven planets.  I got started last night on a Jupiter talisman, it being the day of Jupiter and all.  I took a wooden yo-yo from Michaels, split it apart, woodburned a few symbols into it, covered it in blue paint marker, then filled the woodburned inscription with silver ink.  There’s a hole in the bottom of the disc left from the yo-yo axle, which I’ll fill with molten tin (96% tin-4% silver solder from a hardware store).  Once that solidifies, I’ll apply a layer or two of glossy finish over the thing, then consecrate it under the auspices of Tzadqiel.  Lather, rinse, and repeat for the other six planets; the whole thing should be done by mid-September, if I’m dutiful.  For metal that can’t easily be melted, I might widen out the hole and just fit a piece of the planetary metal in there and glue or fasten it on somehow.  There’ll be pictures once I get all seven done, by which point the whole altar should have come together.

In other crafting news, I took an old staff of mine and made it all Solomonic.  The Key of Solomon has instructions to make a magical staff, which is virtually the same as the Solomonic wand and can be put towards the same use as other wands, such as the wand from Trithemius (I believe).  Unfortunately, I don’t have access to elderberry or cane wood, so I used an old staff I happened to find in a forest behind my last apartment (it was deliberately planted in the ground and already cut to a suitable height).  It’s not in the best of shape, but sanding it down and smoothing it off helped wonders.  I woodburned the symbols from the Key of Solomon into it as well as the Hebrew words AGLA + ON + IHVH, rubbed it with olive oil, and suffumigated it with incense.  Alas that no pictures show it properly since the oil turned the staff rather dark, but it looks pretty nifty.  Definitely an outdoorsy tool for a mage, and wielding a freaking staff feels pretty awesome.  I’ll be rubbing oil in it during hours of Mercury in the future just to make sure it gets waterproofed and treated properly.

Last but certainly not least, and related to the title of the post (of course there’d be a reason), I contacted Auriel and Raphael recently for a number of things, not the least of which to ask about obtaining elemental familiars.  You know, little helper spirits to call upon as I need.  I’m still kinda unsure about why I’d need them off the top of my head, but I figure it’s nice to call upon something already intimately familiar with the element in question as a need arises.  They’re pretty cool beings, I’ll admit, and are closer to humanity than the archangels.  That said, I didn’t expect the earth elemental Auriel to whom introduced me to have the high-pitched perky voice of a female Asian pop star, nor did I expect the air elemental to have fond memories of London and rhymes.

Don’t look at me.  I’m just writing this shit down.

Anyway, they’re pretty cool beings, and agreed to come when I called them.  They have pretty cool names, too, which just so happened to follow the rules of Hebrew theophoric names, which is interesting (ending in -iah or -el).  I’m starting to build myself up a whole circle of beings, apparently, to get things done.  Either I’m awesome or psychotic; after a certain point, I have a hard time telling.

Ooh, ooh!  Also, I splurged last week and got like eight new books for myself, including Forbidden Rites: A Necromancer’s Manual of the Fifteenth Century by Richard Kieckhefer, a modern reprint of the famous Munich Manual.  It’s got a lot of source material for the medieval, Christian, or Hermetic scholar, and has a fair bit of planetary and demonic magic.  I’m not too keen on the demonic aspects of the work, but it’s got a lot of interesting stuff, regardless.  I’ve already translated one ritual from the source in Latin, so expect some more stuff to be thrown up as well.