Apropos Perfection

So, it’s not apparent to many, but I’ve got a goth streak in me.  If I had the money and the social skill back in middle and high school, you’d’ve seen me dressed in fishnets, spikes, and whatever dregs of the goth subculture was filtering down through Hot Topic down to teens about ten years ago.  Now that I’m halfway done with my student loans and will be free of obligation to pretty much anyone, I might actually explore more of that side of me, fashion and otherwise.  It’s on my todo list to take a walk through my dark side in contemplation before too long; I might just tack this onto my ever-growing list of NY NY tasks.  Also, I’m considering an industrial piercing in my right ear and a transverse lobe piercing in my left, and this is from the guy without any body modifications whatsoever.

Anyway, I recently got hooked on more industrial and EBM-styles of music again, and I just discovered Aesthetic Perfection.  Besides having the most awesome style ever, this song has very strong parallels to my current practice.  Talk about reclaiming one’s race, heritage, and value as a human being.

One day, I pray, I’ll be a human being; stay with me, and have faith that I can change for the world.  It almost sounds like something I could tack onto my nightly Headless Rite practice.