Catholicism is weird.

I like caffeine. I really do. It’s my drug of choice; I’d rather be on a sustained caffeine high and have gutrot/funky-smelling pee than anything else, because it feels AWESOME.  Since I’m in the mood to do research and consecrate everything (a stitch in time yada yada or something, one consecration now saves me from blessing everything later), I figured I might want to write up a small ritual of consecration for coffee.  I like whole beans, and why not infuse them with some holy grace or essence of Mercury’s divinity?  It’d be cool, and give me something to practice with.

So I posted to the Twitters asking for advice or ideas on coffee consecration.  A friend who was once headed for seminary pointed me to a Catholic site full of blessings, including a blessing for bacon or lard.

So…yeah.  Catholicism just got a whole lot cooler and weirder all at once in my world.  My friends, though, say that they’re wasting their time; bacon is holy and healthy as it is.