As a magician, diviner, priest, designer, and craftsman, I’m happy to help people seeking an edge, answer, or tool in their own Work, be it mundane, spiritual, or otherwise.  Some of my services are a fixed fee, while others may vary depending on the involvement and work required.  Take a look at my offerings and services below.

Divination Services

Divination is the art and skill of obtaining knowledge through occult means. It is far more than mere fortune-telling, and is a routine act in most forms of spirituality, especially when involving the spirits in one’s life.  However, divination can also be used to ascertain what will happen and how it will happen in most mundane matters, and can be a crucially useful tool when planning events or figuring out complex situations.

Every reading answers one query; we will work on establishing a clear, concise, and concrete query before I attempt to answer it.  A typed report will be sent, along with a thorough analysis of all the symbols and relevant material in the reading. Follow-up questions for clarity will be gladly answered.

Once I get the notification of your purchase, I’ll send you an email to begin the process of getting the information I need to divine for you.  Once I have all the information I need, a divination reading can take up to two weeks to perform, analyze, and report, external circumstances permitting.  Feedback and retrospective results would be greatly appreciated.

You can also obtain my divination services through my Etsy shop.

Domino Reading

Puzzled by what to do? Need a simple forecast for the coming month or year? Got questions about what's going on in your life? Though not commonly seen anymore, reading dominoes is a great, trusty, and reliable way to tell fortunes, futures, and fates. Dominoes can be pretty up-front with the details regarding a situation, the causes of it, and how to proceed with it; it's both a good prognostic as well as diagnostic tool to determine what will happen and the best way of approaching it. With a three-bone reading, you can get a good overview of your situations, what to expect, what to accept, and how to conduct yourself through actionable advice both mundane and spiritual.


Geomancy Reading

The divinatory art of geomancy has been used across multiple continents in dozens of cultures and languages across its thousand year history, and I bring my years of experience and skill with the art to you! This reading provides a thorough inspection of a situation using the oracle of geomancy, incorporating various methods of geomantic technique to explore and exhaust the causes, effects, solutions, and perceptions on a query. Forecasts, requests for advice or direction, and explorations of possibility are all valid things to ask about. Whether you want to start big or start small, you'll never go wrong starting with a geomancy reading.


Geomancy Chart Interpretation Help

Got a geomantic chart you’re puzzling over and need an extra pair of eyes to look over it? If you’re stuck on trying to interpret a geomancy Shield or House chart, I can help with putting the chart together for you, coach you on interpretation techniques, and point out anything you might have missed in your own interpretation! So long as you’ve already done the legwork in putting together the chart, I can work with you on getting as much information out of it as you need. This service applies to only one query/chart at a time.


Consultation Services

Need help in planning a ritual?  Got a spiritual problem you can’t work out?  Need help interpreting a geomantic chart?  Wondering whether something is a good idea, or whether it’s bound to be a lesson learned the hard way?  As opposed to divination, consultation is a much broader service I provide, where we can discuss about anything you need to discuss.  Depending on the subject, divination may be involved, and is included in the cost of consultation.

I can use any popular voicechat or videochat platform for consultations, such as Skype, Discord, Google Duo, or Facebook Messenger, but I most prefer to use Zoom for its scheduling, recording, and screensharing capabilities; Zoom is easy to use and does not require an account.  Rather than being limited by topic, consultations are limited by time, booked in half-hour or one-hour slots.  Depending on the depth of the situation, multiple slots may be booked at once, either consecutively or spread across multiple dates.

Once I get the notification of your purchase, I’ll send you an email to begin the process, and we’ll set up a time to talk, a medium to talk through (with Zoom being preferred), topic, and what you might need to prepare or bring to the session.  Once I have all the information I need, we’ll meet online at the specified time and start our consultation.  If requested, I can record the consultation and send you a copy of it, along with a follow-up email to recap and offer further information.  Consultations will be postponed and rescheduled if the client is 15 or more minutes late.

Half Hour Consultation

A voicechat- or videochat-based consultation session lasting for half an hour.


One Hour Consultation

A voicechat- or videochat-based consultation session lasting for one hour.


Ritual Services

Depending on the nature of the situation and availability of time and resources, I perform rituals, religious offerings, and magical works as a service on a case-by-case basis.  In general, a preliminary divination reading will be needed to assess the viability of such services for your needs, which will be separate from the cost of the ritual proper, if any.  Contact me to discuss commissioning such a service.

Talismans and Crafts

For my jewelry, talismans, tools, and other materia magica including custom commissions, please visit my Etsy shop or send me a message through Etsy or through my website.

Ebooks and Other Publications

I provide a selection of publications I’ve produced on religion, spirituality, and the occult.  You can get these books either through my Etsy shop with direct download, or purchase them through my website over on the Books page.

Design and Tool Creation

If you have any designs that need updating, drafting, or just plain brainstorming to base a project or layout on, or if you’d like to turn those ideas into manifest tools of ritual power, let me know about your needs.  You can see a selection of my designs publicly available on my Designs page, and a selection of my crafts on my Crafts page.  Prices vary based on the project, its complexity, supplies needed, and shipping.  Contact me to discuss design projects.

Workshops and Classes

I’m available to give classes, workshops, or lectures on various topics on magic and divination.  My specialties lie in Renaissance Hermetic and classical Greco-Egyptian magical practices, geomantic divination, and astrological ritual.  Let me know about an upcoming event no less than two months in advance, and we’ll talk about what you’d like me to talk about.  I prefer to keep within the DC Metro and mid-Atlantic region of the US, but depending on the topic and venue, I’m open to present outside that area.  Please contact me to hash out costs or speaking fees, if any.

Courses and Students

Although I don’t offer formal courses at this time, I do periodically take on personal one-on-one mentorships for those who are interested in classical and Western Renaissance Hermetic theurgy and ritual, geomancy, and other topics.  Rates for classes depend on what’s affordable and fair for both myself as mentor and the prospective student.  For inquiries about these, please contact me; we will typically start by you booking a one-hour Consultation (see above) to clear up any pressing matters or mentoring, and we’ll work from there if further instruction is necessary or desired.

For simple or one-off questions about general practice, please contact me and I’ll see what I can help with. For involved ritual questions or matters requiring some investigation, please consider obtaining one of my Consultation offers above.