Uncrossing of the Mouth

A simple, short ritual to uncross and unbind the mouth from any maleficia or cursework done against you, so that you might speak freely and easily as you need and want to.  First mentioned in this 2014 post.

Supplies needed:

  • Holy water
  • Four lemons
  • Whole cloves
  • Figs
  • Honey
  • Wine

Take the lemons and stick four whole cloves around the meridian of the lemon where it’s fattest.  When appropriate to do so, go to a 4-way crossroads, whether of roads or bridges or rivers, and wash off with the holy water, flinging the spiritual filth into the middle of the intersection.  Invoke Hermēs, Mercurius, or another crossroads divinity of your choice who is willing or able to help you or with whom you’ve previously built up a relationship, and make an offering of a small mound of figs drizzled on top with honey and poured over with wine, saving some of each for yourself later.  Take each of the four lemons and roll them from the top of your head, down your neck, down each of your arms, down your chest and back, down your legs, and down to under your feet, always in an always downward direction, asking the deity all the while to remove all crosses, curses, bindings, and restrictions placed upon you.   Spit on each of the lemons and pray that the deity remove all crossings and bindings and have them affect the lemons, sour that they are that they close the mouth and tighten the voice, and that the lemons take all the hit placed upon you.

Take some of the leftover figs, honey, and wine for yourself.  Dip the figs in the honey, eating them while saluting the deity, proclaiming:

Truth is sweet and smooth.

Drink some wine while saluting the deity, proclaiming:

Truth is swift and strong.

Pray that the deity especially watch over your mouth and tongue that you may speak fluidly and fluently, saying what must be said that it may be swift and convincing and that you may bear the messages of the gods and men to those who might hear them.

Carry two of the lemons in your pocket with you.  Take one of the lemons you spit upon and throw it into the crossroads.  Leave the crossroads without looking back, taking a different course to your origin than you took to get there, and halfway through your return, throw one of the lemons over your left shoulder.  During your next presentation or speech, set one of the lemons out in a discrete place between you and the audience (on the podium, between your feet, etc.), then throw it away after the presentation.  Keep the last lemon with you until you return to a safe place at the end of the day, then throw it away outside your safe place where you most likely won’t pass by and is out of the way.

During this process, feel free to wash off with any kind of holy water, khernips, Florida water, or the like frequently during the time you do the ritual until the end of the day.  A bit of extra spiritual cleanliness definitely won’t hurt and it’ll help loosen up any curses or crosses sent upon you, making it easier for the lemons to take the hit.