Hide and Seek

A large number of spells and rituals in the Munich Manual deal with the discovery of information, lost or stolen items, and theives, since theft was (and is) a large concern in most people’s lives.  While most of these spells fall under the class of divination, another large number relate to glamors or mirages to appear or make use of, including rituals to become invisible.  I’ve translated a few of these sections below on finding and hiding.  Some of the rituals require the killing of animals, the use of a young child as a medium, or other potentially dangerous acts, so caveat magus.  All translations are based on the text given in Richard Kieckhefer’s “Forbidden Rites: A Necromancer’s Manual of the Fifteenth Century”.

  1. For Finding Something in Sleep
  2. For Discovering Hidden Treasure in Sleep
  3. For Learning about Any Uncertain Thing By Gazing Into a Crystal
  4. For Information About a Theft By Looking Into a Crystal
  5. The Key of Pluto
  6. For Invisibility
  7. For Invisibility, Again

For Finding Something in Sleep

For finding that which you wish for in sleep, write these names on virgin parchment with their names of God in this way so that the lower [realms?] will be open.  Afterward, put it under your right ear when you go to sleep, and you will see that which you wish for in the past, present, and future.

This is the conjuration which you should make upon the parchment:

O you glorious names of the highest God, who is present, past, and future in all things, I, your servant and submissive, ask you that you send to me your angels, who are written in this circle, that you should reveal to me…

…whatever about such a thing or place that your desired matter is to have come.  And you shall say this three times, and you will see whatever you wish, by the power of God.

This is the circle which you should write when you go to sleep.

For Discovering Hidden Treasure in Sleep

For knowing where treasure may be hidden, the first thing that should be done is for a man to confess all his sins, when the moon is waxing on the day of the Lord, with the Sun in Leo, in the morning.  And when one rises from that, sprinkle yourself with holy water saying the antiphone Asperges me domine in total with Gloria Patri.  Afterwards go to a crucifix and say in its presence the Miserere in total, always looking upon the cross with all devotion.  And when you have said this, then say with a most devoted and contrite heart,

O rabbi, rabbi, my king and my God and ruling master, who are the preserver of the entire world, hear my prayer, me who is a wretched and unworthy creature, and from your redemption now and always, let my unworthy cry come to You.

With this said, go to your home and room perfectly cleaned, and towards the east say this oration as devoted as you are able:

O kind Oriens, the greater part of the world, sky, and earth, savior by whose nod all things are prophetically made, the celestial and the terrestrial, strengthen my intellect in this work by the rule of your kingdom, that is never lost.  Direct and care for me in this my supplication.  And I beg you

  • by the two kings who hold and draw tight, heal and strengthen,
  • and by all your royal powers,
  • by Sotuem and Sortfen,
that in this coming night the kind spirit Haram come to me in sleep, and kindle my heart and my mind that I know to find treasure, if it is in some place or another, and lead me and make a sign there that I may know the truth and it truly,
  • by your sole, most holy, most sacred, and most shining treasure, pure and resplendent, that your excellence send and your manifestation and kind power send back,
  • and by all your honors and commands,
I call and appeal to you that you deign to send to me a spirit of truth in sleep this night, and that it reveal to me hidden treasure.

Have this done towads the east and bend your knees.  You should say this oration three times.  When, then, you enter your bed, say the following nine times:

Oriens, Oriens, Oriens, I beg, I ask, and I seek, o kindest Oriens, that you complete my vow and that you wish to respect on my requests.

And then a spirit will come to you that will not bother you, but make you dream of treasure and lead you properly to the place.  In the morning, when you rise, make three almsgivings in honor of the great knowing King, and go in company or alone to where treasure is in your home[?], and take it.  After you have the treasure, sing three Masses: the first in honor of the Holy Trinity, the second for the sins of the dead, and the third for the preservation of your life, &c.

For Learning about Any Uncertain Thing By Gazing Into a Crystal

If you wish to know about anything that you doubt, take a virgin boy and a crystal, and wash it with wine.  Then write on it with olive oil these names: Hon, Hely, Sabaoth, Adonay, Hel, Hely, Heloym, Sother, Emanuel, Alpha et O.  Then say,

O you most holy names, I ask that you send to me two or three angels into this crystal, who shall tell me the truth of these things that I will inquire about.  And I ask you angels that you tell me the truth that I inquire about from yourselves.

Let the boy say this first:

I conjure you in the name Dedeon, and the gods Egarias and Semisonay and, on behalf of my master, that you come into this crystal, and reveal yourselves that I be able to see.

Repeat the above names until they have come to stay.  When they have arrived, have the boy say the above names and conjure them as above three times.  And [the boy shall tell them that] they shall sit upon seats of gold, and as they sit have the boy say:

I conjure you in the name Bessabes and Hint and Serem and Salaboni and Lethem, that you do not withdraw from this crystal without the leave of my master, who himself is present here.

For Information About a Theft By Looking Into a Crystal

An experiment of a cystal for the discovery of theives.

You should take a crystal, flat and clear, as you would a sigil or mirror, and cover it in a part of virgin wax.  Afterward write on it with fresh oil this name: Honely.  Then say this conjuration:

Almighty, eternal God, Lord Jesus Christ, son of the living God, you who have given to me miracles and the most wonderful power of stones, plants, and prophecy, and this very stone, just so

  • by Your holy nativity,
  • and by Your passion, glorious resurrection, and ascension,
  • and by these Your holy names: Adonay, Sabaoth, Hon, Ely, Eloy, Elyon, Honely, Sother, Tetragrammaton, Emanuel, Alpha et O,

deign to consecrate and bless it, by Your honor and glory, living God who rules, world without end, amen.  Agla, Otmonta, Panoneogens, Origmaria, do not hinder Asia, Africa, Europe, or any parts within them, but that you come to us.  Let it be, let it be, let it be without delay.

After [the angels of the world] truly appear to you in the cystal, say this conjuration:

I conjure you angels

  • by the living and true God,
  • and by His holy nativity,
  • and by His holy passion,
  • and by His holy resurrection,
  • and by His holy sending forth of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete,
  • and by His holy return,
  • and by these holy names of God: Honay, Sabaoth, Onel, Ely, Eloym, Sother, Emanuel (&c. as they are above),
  • and by all the holy names of God,

that you do not withdraw from this stone until we are sure of all doubtable things that we wish to know, by the power and submission of God almighty.  Amen.

It is also to be noted that no one should use this experiment for cheap or common things but for noble causes, and also because it is said elsewhere that “you shall not take the name of your God in vain, nor invoke Him uselessly, &c”.

The Key of Pluto

Take for yourself a piece of iron that was found unexpectedly, and make yourself a key to be made in this manner, made on the day of Venus.

When this is done, replace it in the night with a sacrifice of a white chicken in a crossroads, saying:

O spirits Neyilon and Achalas, accept this sacrifice, that nothing may prevail against me or this key when this key is put into a lock.

Make upon this key this symbol in the blood of the white chicken before you put it under the earth:


Leave it there for three days.  On the third night, before daybreak, take it from there.  When you cross through the city, keep the key in your left hand from the west to the east, and it will open all locks.  And this is called the Key of Pluto.

For Invisibility

Should you find a single black cat born in the month of March, eviscerate it but leave the heart; then cut open the heart with a little knife made on the day of Venus, and pluck the eyes of this bird with the same knife, and fill the eye sockets with the seed of the plant called heliotrope, one in the right eye and in the left, and a third in the heart, always saying these words:

Sapreson lampsones sampsanay, let a man be invisible.

Then fill it up again with wax, and bury it in your garden into which nobody enters, and water it with human blood and water mixed together, which is to continue for 15 days until a white plant grows, the seeds of which are always for the repeating of these words.  Know, however, that whenever this plant gives you a seed, take out only one good grain of them, and repeat the above names.  Then you should have a mirror in your presence and, looking back on the grain after looking into the mirror, put such grains in your mouth under your tongue, and always consider well that grain which is in your mouth.  And if with any such grain put into your mouth you are unable to see yourself in a mirror, you will know it to be good and useful for you, &c.

For Invisibility, Again

On a Saturday night, take a white dove and virgin lambskin parchment and go to a river next to a crossroads.  Kill the dove, saying

O you who are owed sacrifice, aid me to fulfill my vow.

You will say this first towards the west, then to the south, then to the east, and then to the north.  Then write this figure in the blood of the dove:

Return home before the rise of the sun, and you will find there another sheet and a coin wrapped inside, and you shall tie it into your hair when you wish to be invisible.  Take care, however, that you leave behind the dove and parchment, and that you not take them in any way.