Love Spell on a Man

Though much of the material on this blog is focused on theurgy and philosophical forms of magic, it cannot be denied that thaumaturgy and the use of magic for mundane needs also has a place here.  Since the dawn of time, magicians and magic have been employed for people to obtain and secure worldly security in matters such as love, money, success, and other mundane needs, without which life can easily sour.  This is especially evident in many of the Greek, Demotic, and Coptic rituals that survive from the period of the Roman Empire, with as many love-binding and sport-cursing spells that we find.  This is one such example of a spell for a man to fall in love with the magician, but it is unusual in that the magician is explicitly male, as well.  Sourced from Ancient Christian Magic: Coptic Texts of Ritual Power by Marvin W. Meyer et al. (1999), this ritual was first mentioned in this 2012 post.

The text does not specify a ritual implementation, but Meyer does mention that the word “RŪS” (or “ROUS” has he spells it) plays an important role in this text, especially as it is accompanied by “ring signs”, magical characters whose lines end in small circles or rings, and that the ritual implies an item to be left near the home or way of the target man.  For this, I decided to plan the following design, to be written onto a piece of paper:

Once the above is written on the paper, connect each instance of the word ΡΟΥC (or RŪS) with lines, circles, and other similar patterns while praying and focusing your intent on obtaining the man in love and sex.  Once done, wipe yourself down with the paper to gather any sweat, musk, and other bodily scents you may have, then fold it eight times.

First, make the Sign of the Cross over the paper, and intone:

By the power of IAŌ SABAŌTH!

With each repetition of “RŪS”, make it more guttural, more needy, more passionate, more primal until you’re all but grunting and huffing it out.

Make the sign of the cross over yourself, the paper, and the air in front of you while visualizing the man to be obtained, then pray:

+ + + I adjure you by your powers and your amulets and the places where you dwell and your names, that just as I take you and put you at the door and the pathway of AA. son of AA., so also you must take his heart and his mind; you must dominate his entire body!

When he tries to stand, you must not allow him to stand.
When he tries to sit, you must not allow him to sit.
When he lies down to sleep, you must not allow him to sleep.
He must seek me from town to town, from city to city, from field to field, from region to region, until he comes to me and subjects himself under my feet, me whose name is BB. son of BB.,
While his hand is full of all goodness, until I satisfy him with the desire of my heart and the demand of my soul with pleasant desire and love unending,
Right now, right now, at once, at once!
Do this now, do my work!

With this, take the paper and hide it somewhere near his home, place of work, or other place where he frequently passes by or lingers.  Take the same route home you took to get there.

In the ritual, “AA. son of AA.” is the full name and matronym of the target of the spell (such as “John Doe, son of Jane Doe”), while “BB. son of BB.” is the full name and matronym of the beneficiary of the spell (such as “James Smith, son of Mary Smith”).

The reference in the last paragraph about “his hand is full of goodness” may be interpreted in two ways depending on the cultural frame of reference: in Egyptian culture, this refers to one’s generosity from one lover to another, but in Hebrew culture, “hand” was a euphemism for the penis.  Because of this specific sexual innuendo, it is unclear whether the spell would work as well with a woman as a target.