The Work is a complex series of operations, mostly involving rituals, prayers, and other symbolic acts.  Some of them range in complexity from a short prayer to full-out incense-and-candles-everywhere conjurations of the kings of mighty and ancient spirits.  Some work amazingly well and powerfully, some work not at all, and some just require a bit of tweaking or experimentation to really get.  Further, in addition to ritual, there’s a lot of attention to detail in the occult, and very fine things that require a lot of attention.  This isn’t just about ritual and fancy herbs to boil into a stew, but things like timing of certain actions, the kind of writing system you choose, and other things that make all the difference in the world.  A bunch of these topics were commonplace knowledge to occultists and nonoccultists alike, back in the day, but over time this knowledge has gotten lost, mangled, or mistaken for other things entirely.

This section of the site has a collection of small treatises that may help the reader understand how to deal with these devilish details as they come up in the Work, so check out the menu above and see what you might find, as well as a list of the things I’ve done or said myself and can approve of.  They’ll often be things that are hard-to-come-by, self-invented, or otherwise unusual; I’ll gloss over common things like the Qabbalistic Cross or simple blessings of water or candles that are relatively common knowledge, and focus instead on things I’ve found particularly interesting or useful.

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