Prayer to Themis

A short prayer to Themis, the Hellenic titan goddess of divine order and justice, seeking help and aid against oppression and those who would seek to besmirch, deny, or blaspheme against her and her good order.  First mentioned in this June 2020 post.

O Themis, lady of law and custom of the divine!
Let your law stand against the grandest crime
against the gods, hubris itself, in defacing your name
with their mortal, miasmatic horrors!
Aid us who too rise up and, with Nikē and Tukhē in tow,
bring us out of struggle and strife!
May we always honor your name and fane
in the fame and honor you deserve,
and may those who take it in vain toil in vain,
wailing in sorrow as you hold them to account
for their crimes against man and god,
all of us the children of Zeus the Father of All!
How dare they profane your name,
how dare they profane the honor of their brethren,
how dare they continue in their hubris and crimes
against divinity, divine humanity, and nature divine!
Themis and all the gods,
support us who must work to end this,
and aid us in this our work!
Yours is good, divine order;
it is for us to know ourselves and our proper place in it.
Woe to the transgressors of their bounds;
you set their own tormentors upon them!
For too long has good order been transgressed by callous wickedness.
Help us, help us, o kindly-minded Themis!