Prayer to Hermes

A prayer I wrote as a devotion, invocation, and supplication of the god Hermes.  Written in September 2012, under lots of Mercurial influence.

Iō Hermēs!  Iō Hermēs!  Iō Hermēs!  Iō Hermēs!

Hermes, draw near, and my plain prayer hear!
Hear me, swift god, o you of the winged sandals!
Hear me, bright god, o you holding the kerykeon!
Hear me, sly god, o you of thieves and robbers!
Hear me, wise god, o you leading men, spirits, and gods!
Iō Hermēs!

Gracious lord Hermes, guide and traveler!
Born of beautiful Maia and almighty Zeus, destined for great works,
child of mighty Mount Kyllene, scheming and knowing from the crib,
Born on the fourth of the month at dawn, made the lyre at noon,
Stole Apollo’s cattle at night, gaining guidance and foresight as a babe!
Iō Hermēs!

I call upon your many names, great god; hear me, and answer in kind!
Athanatos, Aglaos, Kydimos, Krateros!
Pompaios, Diaktoros, Angelos, Mastērios!
Klepsiphrōn, Mēkhaniōtēs, Polytropos, Euskopos!
Kharidōtēs, Poneomenos, Eriounēs, Khrysorrhapis!
Iō Hermēs!

Be gracious to me, lord Hermes, and guide me in my paths!
Lead me to my destinations swiftly, secretly, safely, and speedily.
Teach me in all studies, sciences, skills, and crafts.
Warn me from all theft, deceit, wiles, and robbers.
Quicken me in speech, conversation, commerce, and cognition.
Iō Hermēs!

Iō Hermēs!  Iō Hermēs!  Iō Hermēs!  Iō Hermēs!

The epithets of Hermes used in the third stanza are all traditional from ancient and classical Greek times, and translate roughly as follows:

  1. Athanatos: Immortal
  2. Aglaos: Bright
  3. Kydimos: Glorious
  4. Krateros: Strong
  5. Pompaios: Leader
  6. Diaktoros: Guide
  7. Angelos: Messenger
  8. Mastērios: Of Searchers
  9. Klepsiphrōn: Deceiver
  10. Mēkhaniōtēs: Trickster
  11. Polytropos: Shifty
  12. Euskopos: Keen-sighted
  13. Kharidōtēs: Giver of Joy
  14. Poneomenos: Busy One
  15. Eriounēs: Luck-bringing
  16. Khrysorrhapis: Of the Golden Wand