Prayer of the Ring

A prayer to be said while donning a magical ring for guidance, support, and clarification of intent, first mentioned in this 2012 post.  First, decide upon a statement of intent, the purpose for donning the ring at all for ritual purposes; this intent will be used as part of the prayer.

While donning the ring, recite the following:

I don the ring and step into my role as mage, as μαγος, as priest, as shaman, as holy one, as intermediary between the worlds.
I don the ring and am made protected by the archangel Michael, prince of the heavenly host and guardian of the Light, and the holy Father, the Lord of Hosts, YHVH Tzabaoth.
I don the ring and rend the veil between the worlds, and step out of this world into the ever-present Moment, the eternal Now.
I don the ring to accomplish my will.
I will to (ritual statement of intent).
I am here to accomplish my will.
My body is here.
My soul is here.
My spirit is here.
My mind is here.
I am here to accomplish my will.
My will be done, God willing.


When “rending the veil between the worlds”, make a gesture of separating with the hands in three dimensions (hands splitting apart once with one hand going to the left and the other to the right, once with one going up and one going below, and once with one going before me and one behind me); this particular gesture was inspired by Jason Miller’s The Sorcerer’s Secrets.  Follow up with any other prayers for guidance, sight, and authority, then begin the working.