Prayer of Hermes Trismegistus

A prayer of praise and supplication to God, spoken by Hermes Trismegistus after his revelation of the world by the Divine Poemander.  Adapted from the Corpus Hermeticum (book I, chapters 31 and 32) as given by the Copenhaver translation.

Holy is god, the father of all.
Holy is god, whose counsel is done by his own powers.
Holy is god, who wishes to be known and is known by his own people.
Holy are you, who by the word have constituted all things that are.
Holy are you, whom all nature was born as image.
Holy are you, of whom nature has not produced a like figure.
Holy are you, who surpass every excellence.
Holy are you, stronger than every power.
Holy are you, mightier than praises.

You whom we address in silence, the unspeakable, the unsayable,
Accept pure speech offerings from a heart and soul that reach up to you.
Grant my request not to fail in the knowledge that befits our essence.
Give me power, and with it I shall enlighten those who are in ignorance, brothers of my race but your sons.
Thus I believe and I bear witness; I advance to life and light.
Blessed are you, father.  He who is your man wishes to be as holy as you are holy since you have provided him all authority.