Prayer of the Itinerant

A prayer of thanks and supplication for guidance and protection in life.  Written by myself, and first mentioned in this 2011 post.

God, heavenly father, eternal spirit, fountain of light,
I thank you for giving me another day to live and light to see.
Since you have seen it good to give me life today,
do not abandon me, do not forsake me,
but be with me as I walk the path laid out for me.

Be behind me as my protector,
be before me as my guide,
be beside as my companion,
and be above me as my God.

Shed your light on my path that I may see where I go.
Lighten the burden on my shoulders that I may go without hesitation.
Enlighten my heart that I may go with fortitude, courage, and wisdom wherever I may be.

Grant that I may not err, wander, or stray from my path at any place or at any time.
Grant that I may always make progress on my path each and every day, no matter how little, no matter how slowly,
that I may one day accomplish my true will and destination.
Grant that if anyone walks on my path, that I may walk with them in a spirit of perfect brotherhood and fellowship.