Prayer of Devotion

A simple devotional prayer to God, the Aiōn, or other entity of ultimate Divinity beyond and of all divinities.  Being simple and short, this is a good prayer to say upon first rising from sleep and just before returning to it, and can be incorporated into prayer routines and rules easily.  First published in this 2013 post.

Blessed are you, who grant good things, in time of hardship and in time of prosperity.
Blessed are you, who guide, lead, protect, and shelter us who follow.
Blessed are you, who illumine, enlighten, empower, and free, light in darkness and darkness in light.
Blessed are you, who as One are All and within whom are All as One.

May every idea be thought for you!
May every word be spoken for you!
May every letter be written for you!
May every emotion be felt for you!
May every motion be moved for you!
May every path be walked for you!
May every action be made for you!