General Prayers

Although many of the prayers shared on my website are taken from or developed for a specific tradition, there are other prayers—generally of my own writing—that I use or consider more generally, being part of a general approach to devotion, faith, and spiritual practice that centers on the Divine.  As a follower and student of the Way of Hermēs focusing on the classical Hermetic canon, while also admitting no small amount of influence from Abrahamic faiths and practices, my own personal religious practice is a kind of monistic polytheism that centers on an ultimate beyond-and-including-everything-that-is “God whom the gods worship”, a sort of megatheism if you will.  To that end, these prayers are written in a way that would not be unwelcome for many in a similar path of a God among gods, or for those who are more generally monotheist in their own ways.

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