Doxology of the Seventh Firmament

The following is a passage from the Sefer ha-Razim, a book dating from possibly the late third or early fourth century CE.  This text, a collection of angelic and thaumaturgic magic from the early Talmudic period of Jewish occultism, contains descriptions of the seven heavens according to its cosmology, with each heaven having different legions, encampents, or steps of angels.  Although eclectic in its subject (similar in some cases to the hekhaloth literature of the time, and similar in other ways to the PGM) and now parsed together from various fragments in Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin, parts of it helped to form the basis for later Renaissance occult works such as Sepher Razielis Angeli and the Heptameron.

The following is a description of the seventh firmament, which is unique in the book since it doesn’t include lists of angels or magical operations that can be performed with their aid.  Instead, it contains a brief description of the heavenly throne of God and a lengthy prayer glorifying and exalting God.

The seventh firmament, all of it is sevenfold light, and from its light all of the seven heavens shine.  Within it is the throne of glory, set on the four glorious Chayot.  Also within it are the storehouses of lives and the storehouses of souls.  There is no calculation or limit to the great light within it, and the fullness of the light illumines all the earth.  The angels are fixed in pillars of light, and their light is as the light of the brilliant star [Venus] and cannot be extinguished, for their eyes are like flashes of lightning, and they stand upon the margins of the divine light, and glorify in fear the One who sits upon the throne of glory.  For He alone sits in the heaven of His holiness, seeking our judgment, evening the scales of justice; judging in truth and speaking in righteousness.

And before Him the books of fire are open and from before Him flow rivers of fire.
When He raises his voice the gods are afraid, and when He roars the pillars shake, and from His voice the doorposts tremble.
His soldiers stand before Him, but they do not gaze upon His likeness.
For He is hidden from every eye, and none can see Him and live.
His appearance is hidden from all, but no appearance is hidden from Him.
He uncovers deep things from the darkness, and He knows the secrets of obscurity.
For light dwells within Him, and He puts on light as a garment.
He sits on light as a throne, and light is a wall around Him.
The Chayot and Ophanim bear Him up, as they fly with their wings.
They have six wings each and they cover their faces with their wings, and they turn their faces downward.
Their faces are turned toward their fellows, and they do not lift their faces upwards, because of their fear and their terror.
Troops upon troops stand one above another before Him, and immerse themselves in rivers of purity,
And wrap themselves in garments of white fire, and sing with humility in a strong voice:
“Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of Hosts, the whole world is full of His glory”.
He is prior to all creatures; He was when earth and heaven were not yet.
He is alone; there is no stranger with Him.
By His strength He upholds the heavens, and in all the heavens He is feared, and by all the angels He is revered,
For by the breath of His mouth they were formed and to glorify His power they were established.
He acts alone and who can turn Him back? And if He commands non can annul.
For He is the King of Kings of Kings, ruling over all of the kings of the earth, and exalted among the angels of heaven.
He searches hearts before they are formed, and He knows thoughts before they occur.
Blessed be His name and blessed the greatness of His glory.
For ages and ages, and for an eternity of eternities.
For there is no God apart from Him, and there is no God beside Him.
Blessed is His name in each generation and blessed in the heavens on high.
Blessed is His name with its might, and blessed its mention with the beautiy of His power.
For as His name, so is His praise as it has been said in scripture: “As is your name, O God, so is your praise to the ends of the earth; Your right hand is full of righteousness”.
He brings the pure to reverence Him, and in His wrath drives away the impure.
He moves mountains by His might and strength, they did not know when He overturned them in His wrath.
He holds the world as a cluster of grapes, bearing all that was, is , and will be.
He is the Ancient of Days, and with Him are enduring riches and righteousness.
Blessed be His glory from His habitation, and blessed be He in the beauty of His dignity.
The hearts of those who fear Him He fills with knowledge, to search and to know the power of the fear of His name.
Blessed be His name in the dwelling place of His splendor, and blessed in the beauty of His strength.
Blessed be His name in the storehouses of snow, and blessed in the rivers of flames.
Blessed be His name in the mists of brilliance, and blessed in the clouds of glory.
Blessed be His name in the myriads of chariots, and blessed in the thousands upon thousands of His warriors.
Blessed be His name in the chains of fire, and blessed in the ropes of flame.
Blessed be His name in the peals of thunder, and blessed in the bolts of lightning.
Blessed be His name in the mouths of all on earth, and blessed in the depths of the earth.
Blessed be His name amid all the deserts, and blessed amid the waves of the sea.
Blessed be His name alone on His throne, and blessed in dwelling places of His majesty.
Blessed be His name in the mouth of all living things, and blessed in the song of every creature.
Blessed be the Lord forever.
Amen, amen, hallelujah.