Novena of Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina

Novenas, as you might expect, are a set of prayers that progress over the course of nine days.  The Novena of Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina are no different, and can be done at any point of the year, though they’re especially good to do starting on September 17th, the day after the feast day of Saint Cyprian of Carthage, so that the ninth and final day ends on September 25th, the day before the feast day of Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina.  Done at other times of the year, it’s preferable to start on a Monday or a Friday.  Although not necessary, a novena candle dedicated to Saint Cyprian is helpful, as is daily offerings of dark wine, fresh water, fruits, flowers, black beans, bread, and the like, all ideally before an image or at an altar or shrine to Saint Cyprian featuring an image of Saint Cyprian with Saint Justina. The Novena of Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina is broken down into two sets of prayers.  The first set consists of a series of prayers for each day of the week, preferably done alone in silence at home, in a field, or in a church (which is best, if possible).  These prayers take care of the first seven days of the novena, and can be done at any point during the day, though they’re best done around midnight.  Although not explained in the novena preface or the prayers themselves, each prayer is appended with a series of angelic names which come from a number of sources, oftentimes in a corrupted form:

The final two days are dedicated to meditation on the imagery, lives, trials, and holiness of Saints Cyprian and Justina, as well as saying a particular prayer known as the Grace of Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina seven times throughout each day.  Although not specified in the text, each prayer said for the novena can be preceded by nine Our Fathers, three Hail Marys, and one Glory Be, along with the usual prayers to Saint Cyprian of Antioch. According to one book claiming to be the “True Book of Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina”, praying this novena will result in many blessings for the supplicant, such as no one cursing or working against one with any magical or qabbalistic talisman or enchantment, all troubles conquered, all enemies disarmed, and one’s spirit made tranquil and able to soar free from one’s earthly body where it can enjoy heavenly delights and affect the world directly.  These things would be obtained at the completion of the novena if the prayers are said in true faith and constancy.  Further, praying the Novena to Saints Cyprian and Justina is an excellent way to show devotion and honor to them, helping to strengthen the connection between a supplicant and these saints and have their intercession in one’s life. As is usual in novenas and other ritual texts, “your servant N.” indicates for you to say your name, and + indicates that you are to make the sign of the cross at these locations in the text.  Nearly every instance of “amen” given in the text below was actually written as “así sea”, or “so be it”, which is equivalent in meaning.

  1. Prayer for Sunday
  2. Prayer for Monday
  3. Prayer for Tuesday
  4. Prayer for Wednesday
  5. Prayer for Thursday
  6. Prayer for Friday
  7. Prayer for Saturday
  8. The Grace of Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina

Prayer for Sunday (top)

Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Amen. I beg you, Lord, free me, who am your creature N., from all present and future evils both of soul and body; give me peace and health if this creature is deserving of it by the intercession of the Virgin Mary and the apostles Peter, Paul, Andrew, and all the saints, and especially Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina. Peace! Health! Mercy! to your creature N., by Jesus Christ your son who is God and lives and reigns in union with the Holy Spirit. Amen. May the peace of the Lord be with me. Amen. May this heavenly peace, Lord, that you left as inheritance to your disciples, be so that my heart acquires strength among my enemies visible and invisible. Amen. May the face of the Lord, his holy face, his body, and his blood aid me and comfort me and protect me, who am your creature N., as my soul and body are yours. Amen. Son of God who has been born of the Virgin Mary, who on the Cross with your blood washed the sins that stained the world, oh Christ, Son of God, slain for the salvation of the world, protect my soul and my body. Son of God, by you the faithful are saved, give me your peace and that it may last in both this life and the next. Amen. Michael, Dardiel, Huratapel.

Prayer for Monday (top)

Oh, great God by whom all slaves are free, deliver me from all evil. Oh, great God, consolation of mortals, remember to console this your creature N., do not forget about this one’s needs and miseries, by day and by night, sleeping or awake, free me from my enemies visible and invisible in the name of the Father who created the entire world +, in the name of the Son who saved it +, in the name of the Holy Spirit that has filled and fulfills the law in all its perfection. + I surrender myself into your arms and place myself under your protection. Amen. + May the blessing of God the Father, + the blessing of God the Son, + the blessing of the Holy Spirit and of the Virgin Mary fall unto this your creature, N. Amen. Saquiel, Raquiel, Hanahel.

Prayer for Tuesday (top)

May the blessing and consecration of the bread and wine that our Lord Jesus Christ made when he told his disciples “Take, eat, this is my body” fall upon me +.  May the blessing of the angels, archangels, and seraphim fall upon me +.  Amen. May the blessing of the prophets, patriarchs, apostles, martyrs, confessors, virgins, and all the saints of the heavenly court fall upon me.  Amen.  + May the blessing of the all the heavens that Almighty God has set in motion above the earth fall upon me.  Amen.  + May the majesty of God sustain me and protect me.  May His eternal kindness guide me, and may His love inflame my heart.  May the power of the Father keep me, may the virtue of the Holy Spirit come between my enemies and this sinner.  O Force of the Father, strengthen me. +  O Wisdom of the Son, enlighten me.  + O Consolation of the Holy Spirit, comfort me.  The Father is peace; the Son is life; the Holy Spirit is the cure, consolation, and salvation.  May the divinity of God bless this, your servant N., by the mysterious words. Sarabotes, Abaídot, Chedusita.

Prayer for Wednesday (top)

Oh, Emmanuel, defend me from my evil enemies and all my enemies visible and invisible, and free me from all evil. Jesus Christ the King has come in peace, God made man has suffered and endured pain for us.  Jesus Christ triumphs, Jesus Christ reigns, Jesus Christ commands!  By the cross of Jesus + may my enemies flee his sight; the Lion of the tribe of Judah has triumphed.  Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Savior of the world, grant me N. your grace to triumph over all my enemies by Him, and through Him I confess to you in the name of God, Saints Cyprian and Justina; Ἅγιος ὁ Θεός, Ἅγιος ἰσχυρός, Ἅγιος ἀθάνατος, ἐλέησον ἡμᾶς.  Holy God, mighty God, merciful and immortal God, mercy, mercy, mercy upon me, o Lord; do not forsake me, oh my God.  I beg you salvation. Asboga, Diù, Dorni.

Prayer for Thursday (top)

Open my eyes to the true Light until the end, the eternal sleep. As the Lord is with me, may the wickedness of my enemies not prevail.  At the pronunciation of the name of Jesus, may the spirits of good and evil start the fight and may the first fall overcome by the Archangel.  Amen. Jesus, Son of God, who has done so many miracles by the virtue of Your name to the conjuration of Your divine word, You, oh great living God, who has enriched the poor, given strength to the weak, given courage to the meek, and comforted the sorrowful, protect me, your servant N., who in this moment calls to you and with the sign of the great Cross of Caravaca greets you.  You, Lord, who healed lepers, cast out the devil from the body of the possessed, resurrected the dead, made the mute to speak, and finally showed the great power that mankind keeps within when he calls and begs to you with faith, do not abandon me but listen to this faithful friend of Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina, who learned from them the love of God, and cast out the demon from the domains of man.  By the living Christ, amen. Elim, Elim, Hoch.

Prayer for Friday (top)

Sweet name of God who fortifies the heart of mankind who pronounces you, oh name of life, of salvation, of joy, o precious name, strengthen the heart of this sinner N., and in the name of the celestial powers confound my enemies and cast from my side the demons by the + of Saint Benedict.  By the name of Ciprian the Mage converted to Christianity and elevated to the hierarchy of Saints +.  By Saint Justina the virtuous maiden +.  I invoke your name in combat, in misfortune, in joy, in adversity, in the times when my enemies surround me and fight me, when pain takes root in my dwelling, when they disturb my crops, my children, and my women, when they destroy my property and my earnings,  when they die and misery looms over my household and you.  Oh, my God and your powers and  hierarchies and you, Saint Cyprian, Saint Paul, and Saint Peter, angels and seraphim, help me when I call you with the mysterious words: Gabriel, Samuel, Zuriel.  Confound my enemies with the sign of the triple Cross + + +.  May you ever be my blessed God.  Amen.

Prayer for Saturday (top)

Jesus, son of Mary, salvation of the world, may the Lord be favorable and kind to this believer N.; give me courage, health, and strength to fight by your name with the spirits of evil, enemies of my soul and body, that nobody can cause me harm, nor place their hands on me, nor place upon my body objects that are magical, qabbalistic, plants, rocks, excrement, mineral, water, essence, or metal in nature, nor amulets passed over by the Serpent, nor figures of wax, nor hearts pierced by nails, nor powdered sulfur, nor books on Qabbalah, nor human bones, nor black chickens, nor locks, nor scrolls written with blood pacts, and where someone wishes me ill and intends to cause harm with sorcery towards me, turn against my enemies all the evil that they wish to cause me in the Holy name of + God the Father, + God the Son, + God the Holy Spirit, + + + by Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina.  Amen. May this prayer that I address to you today, Saturday, oh Lord, eternally guarantee me, your servant N., to be free of enemies.  Jesus, King of the Jews, honorable title, Son of Mary, have mercy on me.  May the lance, the nails, the cross, the thorns, the canvas, the strings, the column, the precious blood of your blessed sores serve for me as a shield in the fight against the spirit of Satan. May the demon be overcome by me, may I be able to carry this out as I desire, and may it my will without the need for pacts and to the conjuration of these words of Cyprian and Simon the Magus. Jesus is the life +, Jesus is the life + , Jesus is the truth +, Jesus has suffered +, Jesus was crucified +, Jesus the Son of the living God +, Mercy, Mercy, Courage, Faith. The powers of Hell come to me from the cardinal directions in the name of God, and they obey my orders. Aratron, Bretct, Phaleg.

The Grace of Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina (top)

In the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, who are three persons and one God in truth, who reigns forever and without end. Amen. +

Glorious Saint Cyprian, servant of God our Lord, you are endowed with great understanding for the honor of the Holy Cross of God. Saint Cyprian, praised in ancient times, contemplate the sickness of your servant, N.

In the beginning, Cyprian, for his wickedness, fell into the hands of the Devil and did not know Your holy Name.  He undid the clouds for them to not rain upon the earth, and the earth did not bear fruit; he dispersed the fish so they could not be caught , and made men to do other great evils; women, when they were pregnant, could not deliver. A ll these things were done in the name of the Devil.  Now, having repented like Saint Cyprian, in the name of God Jesus Christ and Saint Justina, knowing Your holiest Name, holy and loving, repentant for the multitude of my sins, I accept You with all my heart and all my will, and I take refuge in Your divine love and Your commandments that the Lord may save me.  I beg You that you bestow Your great mercy, You who are the Word of the world, a power so powerful that it breaks and undoes the bonds of all creatures and of all men and women, who sends down rain upon the earth, who gives the trees fruit, who gives to women that they give birth to their children without any difficulty and that they suck the milk from the breasts of their mothers, who gives that there be fish in the see and animals on earth, that all bindings made under Heaven be undone.  May all the things that all men and women have suffered through evil spells of the day and of the night be undone and unbound by the holy name of Jesus.  May all my evil enemies, whoever they might be, as well as spells and evil deeds be smitten, and that their work may not be profitable before the Lord. +

Guard us day and night from the Devil and from his power and all his spells by the holy name of God made glorious, that we may go up to Heaven from the Earth that we may praise Emmanuel, who is the Word of God, pure and glorified. +

As the dry stone was cracked and produced from itself water by which the children of Israel lived, so too, almighty Lord, place Your hand, full of divine grace, above your servant N., that I may always have this following prayer, that I may teach it and have it in my home.  Be it always so, Lord, You who put Adam at the beginning of the world, in the earthly Paradise, You who put a river from which emerged the four rivers Gihon, Pishon, Tigris, and Euphrates which you ordained to water all the world.  By these things I beg you, Jesus Christ, that upon trying in any way they are unable to stop or impede the damned Devil with his evil spirit, nor with any oath or wrongdoing, by jealousy against this your servant.  Amen, Jesus. +

That all evil deeds be bound and void, that the 72 tongues found spread through all the world may not harm or injure, that anyone who does evil be cursed and excommunicated; by the prayers of the good angels may this your servant N. be absolved, all my house, and that all the inhabitants and all the things which are in the world be free of all kinds of curses and spells, that many evil women make; by the name of God that descended onto Jerusalem, and by all those who are gathered before the presence of God, as high and as our highest Creator, so that the accursed devil may not be able to treat or mistreat anyone who has upon themselves or carries this holy prayer +, so that they may be secure and not have melancholy on their person, neither at night nor in the day, neither in their estate nor in their family, by the excommunication of the saints Peter and Paul, by the holy prayers, by the holy prophets and prophecies, by the humility of the religious, by the beauty of Eve and by the sacrifice of Abel, by the God who comes in Judgment and by the chastity of Joseph, by the goodness of Jehoshaphat, by the trials of Noah, by the faith of Abraham, by the loyalty of Isaac whom God delivered and by that of Job, by the prayer and beauty of Saint Joseph, by the birth of Moses and by all the holy Angels, by the sacrifice of Jehoshaphat, by the tears of Jeremiah and by those of the glorious Zechariah, by the Prophet of prophets, by those who sleep praising God our Lord. Amen Jesus. +

By the prophet Daniel, by the pains of the holy Evangelists, by the Bush that Moses saw in the form of fire, by the resplendence of the Moon, by the sermons that the holy Apostles made, by the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, by the Baptism and the voice of the Father, who was heard in Heaven saying “this is my son, who has come from me, who pleases and delights me” that all people will pray and worship Him, by Him who brought Lazarus from the grave and resurrected him, by Him who calms the winds and the flames, by the miracles that the angels made and those who are close to them, by the fasting of the Apostles, by the coming of the Holy Spirit that descended upon the Apostles, by the virtues and by the name that are in this Prayer, by the praise of God who created all things and by the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

If there are spells made by promises to the Devil, evil courses made at night or in the day, whether they are made of iron or of gold, silver, or any kind metal, may all of them be destroyed and broken so that they cannot penetrate here or anywhere.  If there are spells in threads of gold, cotton, linen, wool, or hemp, or in the hairs of Christians, Muslims, Jews, or heretics; if there are spells in springs, in bridges, in the sea, or in the farms; in the house, in walls, in fields as well as in deserts, in rivers or other kinds of water, in hearts of wax or iron; if spells was given to eat or drink, let all these things be annulled for this your servant N., for Your holy, almighty, and highest Name which may be always praised.  Amen, Jesus. +

For the sake of God and for my own, and for Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina, by the power that God has given me, free me from all the spells that evil men and women have made to you, in the name of the God of Abraham, of the God of Jacob, of the God of Isaac, oh great and mighty King of glory, that they may be removed and untied from this your servant N. and from all those that follow, keep, and read or have read this prayer.  Unto them all give the power of God, Your help and grace, by the love You have for us and by Your great mercy for all the people of the world.

Come to our aid, Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, and all of the Holy Angels and Archangels of our God and Lord, the Principalities and Powers and Virtues of Heaven, as well as the blessed souls and Saint John the Baptist.  Come to our aid, virtues and prayers of the holy Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Saint Andrew, Saint James, Saint Thomas, Saint Bartholomew, Saint Philip, Saint Matthew, Saint James the Elder, Saint Mark, Saint Matthias, Saint Luke, Saint Simon, and the holy virgins, martyrs, and confessors; the holy King David, the Four Evangelists who are Luke, John, Mark, and Matthew, the four pillars of Heaven, so that there be no impediment whatsoever of the 72 tongues that are spread throughout all the world.  By all this, and as Christ absolved Lazarus when he healed him, absolve us, Lord; by the words that Adam spoke when it was exclaimed “Where are you?“, absolve us, Lord; by your virtue +, whereby the sick person sat up when you said “Rise, and take all the saints of God!” + , absolve me from myself, your servant, that I may be free from the power of this infernal Devil, so that Emmanuel, the Word of God, may be with us.  By the holy name of God, our Lord, grant that all of the things that are named here be undone and unbound over me and all of us, and all evil spells, all enchantments, all evil, and all bad luck of N., your servant.

Glory to the Father, glory to the Son, and glory to the Holy Spirit, now as in the beginning, forever Jesus. Amen.