Cyprianic Prayers

This section presents several prayers that I’ve developed for work with Saint Cyprian of Antioch, the patron saint of sorcerers, necromancers, and magicians, along with his co-saints Saint Justina and Saint Theocistus, together thought of as a triad or trinity of sorcerous saints.  Although no longer held as a canonical saint by the Catholic Church, Saint Cyprian of Antioch is still recognized by the Orthodox Church and is venerated in folk Christianity across the Old and New Worlds, especially in connection with black magic due to the infamous spellbooks and grimoires that have been associated with or attributed to the good saint.  Their feast day is September 26, ten days after that of the “real” person bearing his name, Saint Cyprian of Carthage, celebrated on September 16.  The nine days between them are known as the Days of the Cyprians, and are considered to be a potent time for magical workings of all kinds as well as a perfect period to propitiate and work with Saints Cyprian, Justina, and Antioch.

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