Chaplets of the Archangels

In my work to further my connection and spiritual exploration of the seven archangels from the Christian tradition, I often employ a devotional prayer-based approach.  This includes establishing a shrine with images of the seven archangels, a central light in front of a crucifix to represent the light and eternal presence of God, and two dishes, one in which to offer incense, one in which to offer water or wine.  Although there are many sets of seven archangels known to the Christian or magical community, I prefer to use the Christian Gnostic or Orthodox set of angels:

  • Michael, whose name means “who is like God?”.  Often shown conquering a dragon with lance or sword.  Spiritual leader to holiness, spiritual offense and defense, protection from harm and evil, courage, preservation from danger.
  • Gabriel, “strength of God”.  Shown with horn, scroll, shield, scepter, or light.  Wisdom, revelation, messages, nurturing the young, and communication.
  • Uriel, “light of God”.  Often shown with a set of scales, flaming sword, or flame.  Protection, enlightenment, illumination, and resolution of conflict.
  • Raphael, “medicine of God”.  Shown with a crook and container of medicine, such as a gourd of salve.  Healing, health, wholeness, guidance, exorcism, and guidance.
  • Jehudiel, “praise of God”.  Shown with a sword, staff, or three-pronged whip, often crowned or holding a crown.  The angel of work, labor, employment, leadership, and government, especially as it pertains to one’s True Will and the Will of God.  By working, we praise God, and by praising God, we reap the power and station given to us.
  • Barachiel, “blessing of God”.  Shown holding a white rose or white rose petals, or a basket overflowing with bread.  Blessings of all kinds, luxuries, wealth, nourishment, growth, harmony, love, humor, success.
  • Sealtiel (or Selaphiel), “prayer of God”.  Shown in devotion or contemplation, sometimes with arms folded or clasped together in prayer, sometimes with a thurible or censer.  Focus in devotions and prayers, concentration, steadfastness and resolution in prayers and all worshipful acts, as well as wisdom and skill in magic, exorcisms, and all divine arts.

Being the three archangels whose names are explicitly mentioned in the Bible, chaplets for the archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael have been in long and common use.  Although not as well-known, a chaplet for the archangel Uriel has also been used popularly from time to time, being always that just-off-the-set fourth archangel known to many, though his name was not explicitly used in the Bible.  However, the other three archangels Jehudiel, Barachiel, and Sealtiel are not as well-known in the Western or Catholic worlds, and so have no traditional sets of prayers for them on the same level as those for the more well-known archangels.  However, they are more common to venerate in Eastern and Orthodox forms of Christianity.  Based on the traditional bodies of knowledge and sets of prayers given to the veneration of these three lesser-known archangels, I devised a set of chaplet prayers in 2014 for them, which I share on my blog for all to use.

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