Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

One of the big reasons I’m into the occult is that, well, I’ve always had one foot in the door; I may as well make the rest of my way in, right?  Dealing with divination, astrology, and sigils would only be a doorway to more things and more exciting things, some of which would probably be a little risky.  After all, when you start getting serious, people and spirits take notice, whether you mean for them to or not.  To that end, having some kind of shield or protection is a good thing, especially if you’re getting involved with potentially unsavory things.  However, being as much of a newbie to setting up shields and wards on my own, I wanted something a little more material to help me out until I got better.  Jason Miller’s method of shielding as he explains in his “Sorcerer’s Secrets” is good, but just in case…

After seeing it mentioned repeatedly for the past month or so, I decided to try my hand at the renowned Fiery Wall of Protection oil.  This is one of the many protective blends out there and comes in a variety of different recipes and traditions, but overall it’s meant to embody the phrase “the best defense is a good offense”.  It combines the essences of Fire, Mars, and the Sun to create a barrier of protection that both drives off evil and keeps harm out, a two-pronged approach that helps keep the things anointed with it safe and free from all harm.  It’s also good at driving out evil entities from a place already anointed with it, burning them out, as it were, from their current place and keeping them from coming back.  Although the oil has traditionally been categorized as more Solar than Martian, I incorporated the strength of Mars to lend the recipe and consecration a bit more oomph.


Gathering the supplies for the oil was simple enough.  I based my recipe off of the one Ocean Delano used, with a few extra things to pump up the power.  The idea was to combine fiery, hot, and protective Martian and Solar materia: Martian to give the oil the fire to kick anything wicked approaching it in the balls, Solar to lend the oil a defensive character to let nothing harmful pass through.  Since both Mars and the Sun are ruled by fire, anything hot, peppery, spicy, or stinging would do.   I found more than half of the stuff I needed in my spice cabinet, and the others can be found at swanky gourmet supply stores or new age/occult suppliers.

  • 1 tbsp pink rock salt (trace amounts of iron oxide)
  • 1 tbsp true cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp dragon’s blood resin
  • 1 tbsp frankincense resin
  • 1 tbsp myrrh resin (related to Saturn, but the myrrh plant is spiky and thorny, good Martian qualities)
  • A dash of chili powder
  • A dash of powdered Saigon cinnamon (hotter than true cinnamon, but cassia will suffice)
  • A dash of crushed red pepper
  • A dash of powdered ginger root
  • A dash of finely ground black pepper
  • A dash of red sandalwood (normally ruled by Venus, but used to “build” a wall of protection; its redness helps, and is used in hexing in some traditions)
  • 1 cup castor oil
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  1. Finely grind all dry ingredients.
  2. Mix all dry ingredients and put in jars.
  3. Add olive oil and mix thoroughly.
  4. Add castor oil and mix thoroughly.

It all just happened to add up to 13 ingredients, the maximum conventionally allowed for mojo bags and other creations, so that was convenient.  The creation of the oil was performed on a Sunday in a diurnal Solar hour, and took about 40 minutes to prepare and mix.  I ended up with more dry matter than I thought I’d have, so I split the mix between two bottles and filled them up with the oil.  The oils immediately took on a dark red color, and after a bit of mixing and settling I sealed the corks with wax and shrink-wrap to make sure they’d stay shut during the mixing and consecration process.


Between the Martian and Solar hours of the same evening I made the oils, I conjured the angels of Mars and the Sun, Kammael and Michael, at my altar to let them know my intent with the oil, which I presented to them, and asked them to charge the oils.  I left the oils on my altar during the rest of the consecration process when not actively handling them.

I conjured Kammael, the angel of Mars, on a Tuesday during a Martian hour, asking him and the spirits Bartzabel and Graphiel to bless, charge, and empower the oil to act as a powerful burning sword and spear against any evil, malefic, wicked, destructive, or otherwise harmful entity, energy, or being, and that they lend the caustic fire of the sphere of Mars to destroy any evil that approaches with the intent to harm in any way anything anointed with it.  This was to have the oils get their offensive Martian punch.  For the next five days, Wednesday through Sunday, I invoked the spirits of Mars using the Orphic Hymn and shook the oils completely to mix the wet and dry ingredients, making sure they’d be thoroughly mixed.  While shaking the bottles, I called upon the same angels and spirits of Mars to continue to charge and empower the oils over the coming days as well.

The last day of the Martian consecration was also the first day of the Solar work I then undertook for the same oils.  I conjured Michael, Sorath, and Nakhiel on Sunday in a Solar hour and asked them to do a similar charging and empowering of the oils, but this time to focus on defense: that no evil, malefic, wicked, destructive, or otherwise harmful entity, energy, or being may overcome the oil or anything anointed with it, that they lend the strong authoritative light of the Sun to me and anything anointed with the oil to hold off and irresistibly block any evil that approaches with the intent to harm in any way, as well as to disperse any darkness or malignity that would approach with the strong force of the Sun.  For the next six days, Monday through Saturday, I again shook up the oils to make sure they were thoroughly mixed, calling on the angels and spirits of the Sun using the Orphic Hymn to the Sun to continue empowering and charging the oils.

Once this was done, I conjured Michael and Kammael again, thanking them for their work, singing the Orphic Hymns to them again and burning incense as thanks for their work and aid.  Besides them, I also conjured Michael, the archangelic king of Fire, and Oriens, the prince of the sphere of Fire, to similarly charge the oil to carry out my will in protection, defense, and sheer power.  After all that, I let the oils stew on my altar’s focal point for another week, both to top off the power in the oils and to let the sediment in the actual oil themselves settle, and invoked the Almighty to perform a final blessing on the oils for their proper use and strong defense.  The process for making and consecrating the oils took about two weeks (conjuring Kammael and Michael of Fire one week and Michael of the Sun the next per my regular conjuration cycle) not counting the stewing at the end, but might take only one week if I were pressed for time.


Even that same night when I first combined the ingredients, I was pretty sure I was on the right track.  While chatting with my natal genius, I asked him to show me what the oil looked like to him on the spiritual level.  Two words: blistering heat! It was like an intense compact fireball that not even my genius could approach, were he to do evil.  They had a strong biting smell, but it was like I was at a pep rally or being pumped up with power just by smelling them, a kind of “COME AT ME BRO” power.  Towards the end, Michael of the Sun seemed to almost rejoice at the completion of the oils, and said they’d be plenty powerful for what I’d need; to his sight, they were like bright burning lights with rays like spears.  Physically, however, they looked no different save for the slightest of darkening in color compared to when I first mixed them.  When poured into smaller jars, they look like thin dark honey with a warm cinnamon smell.  They didn’t sting or hurt the skin at all, which is a plus.

I went ahead and put the oils to immediate use to protect my living space.  After I aired out the house on a clear Sunday afternoon in an hour of the Sun, I went around my house performing a cleansing lighting consecrated candles and spraying banishing water (a mixture of holy water, Florida water, banishing oil, uncrossing oil, and one drop of lemon-scented ammonia per room in the house) in each room to banish the place before setting up the defenses.  I then dabbed the oil in the five-spot pattern (once in every corner plus once in the center/handle/knob) of every window and external door in the house, and even put a drop on each grate, drain, and faucet to make sure that every possible entrance to my house would be protected. I even anointed my cell phone and wireless router, since technically information and data, and the spirits and egregores that they contain and transmit, could also get in through them.  For that part, I called on my fire elemental friend to make sure that the essence of the oil was transferred electronically.  He’s mentioned he’s good at breaking down such electronic and information barriers in the past, so it seemed natural to have him erect one as well.   As I was anointing stuff, I used the Prayer of Saint Michael to further charge and direct the oil to defend the anointed objects and entrances.  Since the oil is for protection and not strictly offense, and since the oil is traditionally ruled by the Sun, I didn’t see further Martian invocations to be necessary.  I definitely felt myself becoming hot and sweating, even though there wasn’t a distinct rise in temperature around me.

After slathering the oil across my house, I conjured my genius and asked him to show me the oil again as it appeared to him, whether my house and effects were now officially protected with the oil, how to properly upkeep the protection using the oil, and what it would do to some evil spirit should one try to approach.  Let’s say that it works, and well.  When I brought the oil out to present to my genius, I felt a distinct change in the atmosphere, like a pillar of fire was before me, and even he got anxious.  I’m satisfied with how this turned out, then.  He suggested that, for maximum efficiency and recharging, I should reanoint my home every full moon, but given how strong the stuff is, once or twice a year will suffice for most intents and purposes.

Given how little of this stuff is needed to protect things with, and given how much I ended up making, I likely won’t be performing this recipe and consecration again anytime soon.  I’ve got plenty to last me for a good long while, even giving a few small jars to friends of mine.  Plus, as one of my occult friends commented, this is more like Fiery Wall of Protection mixed with Kick to the Junk.  I think I succeeded.