Although most of my writing is focused on my blog, from time to time I gather or produce an exceptional amount of information that can’t easily be condensed into a single post.  For this, a different medium is preferred, and so I occasionally write a book about the topic, which can range from something of a short pamphlet to a whole textbook, depending on how much material there is to cover.  Due to the depth and breadth of information covered as well as the effort that goes into editing and formatting them, I charge a small fee for these books, but trust me: the information is worth the cost!

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Secreti Geomantici

Secreti Geomantici, or "The Secrets of Geomancy", is a a PDF ebook in English that details a number of approaches on using the symbols and processes of geomancy for magical purposes. Although geomancy is an ancient art of divination practiced the world over, so little has been written about using geomancy for magic; this ebook aims to begin further exploration, research, and innovation based on the research and experiences of the author. Included in this ebook are the Sixteen Orisons of the Figures, the Prayer of the Geomancer, the Blessing of Balaam the Prophet, the Sixteenth Proverb, the Sixteen Geomantic Salutes, the Geomanteion, and so much more! If you're at all interested in expanding geomancy from a divinatory art into a magical practice, this is definitely a text to read!


Lectura Geomantiae

A translation of a section of a 15th century manuscript that details the origins, development, and use of geomancy in an astrological framework. This translation provides the first publically available translation of this text, and focuses on the meanings of the sixteen geomantic figures in the twelve houses of the geomantic-astrological chart. Notes, corrections, and clarifications on the translation have been provided.


De Grammatomanteia

An introduction to the ancient Greek alphabet oracle, or grammatomancy, that allows for a quick, thorough, and enlightening form of divination. The traditional oracles from the classical era associated with the Greek letters are given along with guides to interpreting them, along with correspondences that link each of the Greek letters to elemental, astrological, qabbalistic, and numerological divination. References, examples, and diagrams are included to help the student become a fast expert in this ancient divinatory art.


De Archangelis

Of the nearly infinite classes of spirits that have ever been described, the angels are among the most well-known introduced into Western spiritual practices and philosophies. Although most often associated with Christianity, angels possess a much longer history dating back to well before the time of Christ and are seen in all Abrahamic faiths as well as several faiths not of this lineage. Other spirits called “angels” can be found in many other spiritualities that may or may not bear a resemblance to those of the Abrahamic tradition. This ebook explores the nature and qualities of the seven archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Jehudiel, Barachiel, and Sealtiel, as well as how to approach them in devotion and ritual. While much of the Western mystery tradition has focused on conjuring angels ruling over various elements or planets or aspects of Creation, this text will establish a practice closer to religious veneration and devotion of the most important among the angelic host parallelling a folk practice of religion.


The Book of Saint Cyprian

A translation of the famous Spanish grimoire, "El Libro de San Cipriano", containing many spells, rituals, prayers, and talismans that the Spanish-speaking world has known about for hundreds of years. The text is attributed to Saint Cyprian of Antioch, the patron saint of magicians, sorcerers, and all who use magic. One of the first-ever English translations, this text also includes the Novena to Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina as well as many talismans that cannot be found anywhere else. The text also analyzes how this grimoire relates to other texts in the grimoire tradition of Western magic, such as the Key of Solomon.


Vademecum Cypriani

In Latin, the word "vademecum" literally means "come with me", and is used to refer to handbooks and pocket manuals carried on-the-go for quick reference. The Vademecum Cypriani is a handbook and collection of various prayers and novenas to Saint Cyprian of Antioch, the patron saint of magicians, sorcerers, and necromancers, who works as well in breaking curses as he is in making them. Many prayers to Saint Cyprian are known only in Spanish, but this ebook presents a collection of them translated into English for the first time.


Grammatēmerologion Calendar for March 2015—March 2053
This document presents the Grammatēmerologion system, a lunisolar calendar based on the ancient Attic calendar, but that focuses on associating the days, months, and years of the calendar to the letters of the Greek alphabet.  This system allows for a stronger use of the Greek alphabet in time-based divination and ritual planning based on the spiritual and divine associations of the letters.  In addition to a thorough description of how this calendar system works, a full monthly calendar is given for the 38-year span between March 2015 and March 2053.
Download it here.
Reviewing the Trithemian Conjuration
This document is a compilation of all my Reviewing the Trithemian Conjuration blog posts, a series of posts I wrote in summer 2019 that discusses the Art of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals (DSIC), especially as implemented in modern practice by the likes of Fr. Rufus Opus, Fr. Ashen Chassan, myself, and others.  This document is provided to provide a more print-friendly approach to reading this massive research project, and includes several appendices of other prayers and rituals that have appeared elsewhere on my website in the past.
Download it here.