Geomancy Posts

One of the things I’m most known for as an occultist and occult researcher and writer is my work on geomancy, the thousand-year-old art of divination that uses the sixteen binary figures to predict events and understand the world we live in.  I’ve been studying geomancy for longer than I’ve been writing for The Digital Ambler, but geomancy plays a central part of my divinatory, spiritual, and occult practices.  In addition to providing geomantic readings for my clients over on my Services page, I’ve also written a fair bit about the topic and have no inclination on stopping anytime soon, ranging from summarizing old techniques or fleshing them out from classical literature to devising new techniques and extensions of the art of geomancy, and though one could simply browse my blog using the geomancy category, it might be helpful to have an index of posts related to geomancy for ease of access.  To that end, here’s just such a list of my geomancy- and divination-related blog posts that I’ve written over the years, loosely categorized by topic.

I’m sure I’ll continue writing more about geomancy, of course, but if there’s a specific topic that you don’t see addressed in the list below, feel free to contact me and ask about it!  Also don’t forget that I’ve written a few ebooks on geomancy which you can get over on my Books page!

Posts on the sixteen geomantic figures (mainly from the De Geomanteia series of posts):

Posts on the geomantic figures generally:

Posts about generating geomantic figures:

Posts about constructing geomantic charts:

Posts about elemental and astrological correspondences of the figures:

Posts about other correspondences of the figures:

Posts about geomantic techniques:

Posts about geomantic emblems:

Posts about geomantic magic:

Posts about geomantic spirituality:

Posts about geomantic resources:

Other miscellaneous geomantic posts:

Other posts about divination generally: