Geomancy in the Reign of the Lady of Crowns

In late 2019 and early 2020, a pandemic spread on across the world, one that I’ve taken to poetically and euphemistically calling the “Reign of the Lady of Crowns”.  While some countries had their acts together and have gotten things kinda under control (inasmuch as any pandemic can be “controlled”), some countries, including my own, did not.  As a result, life has rapidly changed and continues to change for many of us, both in the short term and in the long term, and this is a trying and difficult time for many of us.  As a result, people began looking for new ways to fill their time working from home or to get an edge over others whenever an edge can be found; online classes and interaction had never been more important or critical for our sanity and survival.  To that end, as I mentioned in the throes of the Reign in May 2020, I launched a small project, “Geomancy in the Reign of the Lady of Crowns”, a set of free geomancy lectures that explore the various aspects of European geomantic divination.  In addition to the various writings I’ve shared over the years on my blog, I thought that this would be a good chance to teach geomancy in a one-off series of conversational, more-or-less informal lectures expanding on my approach to geomantic divination and covering all the major bases that would enable anyone interested in learning geomancy in an audio-visual format with examples.  Totaling about 13 hours of video over five sessions, I covered the foundations of geomantic divination, and—while geomancy is definitely an endless art with plenty more that could be explained—I feel like this is a good introduction to learning geomancy that anyone could do at their own pace.

I’m happy to announce that I’m going to let any others who are interested to get access to it as well indefinitely, for as long as this website exists and I exist to respond to requests for it.  To sign up:

  1. Send me an email saying that you’d like access to the files.
  2. After you agree to the terms (that you don’t share the files with others and direct others who are interested to contact me) in the email I’ll send in response, I’ll send you an access link to the videos.

There is no cost for access to these lessons, and I offer them gratis, free of charge.  While you could certainly approach this as a pay-what-you-like or a donation-only class and send me money through Ko-fi, I prefer a different approach for this: if you’re feeling generous and have some money to throw around, while I’d certainly appreciate it if you sent it to me, there are plenty of other people and organizations online who are in desperate need of money and resources far more than I am.  Starving artists, queer people in need of support, people in abusive situations, local homeless shelters, local food banks, Doctors Without Borders, you name it: in this time of the Reign of the Lady of Crowns and all the social upheaval across the world that results from it, there are plenty of people who are actively suffering due to collapsing infrastructure and rapid societal changes both in my country and abroad that could do with extra support.  I do not expect payment for giving these lectures on geomancy, nor do I ask of it, but I do ask that you consider paying it forward and giving some charity as a way of supporting your fellow humans in this world during this harsh and hard time.  I have nothing to give you in return for that except my joy and thanks that you’d support the rest of us caught up in this storm of the fate of the world.

As mentioned earlier, there are five sessions, each about three to four hours long, and both the whole video files as well as the audio-only files are provided for each session.  Some of these topics I planned out in advance, some of them were brought up as impromptu questions (amongst other topics that maybe I don’t recall as clearly or which were talked about only in brief):

  1. (2020-04-09) Introduction to the Figures, Introduction to the Shield Chart, Interpreting the Court, Ways of the Point, How to Phrase the Query, When to Abort a Reading
  2. (2020-04-11) Mindset and Divination Preparation, Introduction to the House Chart, Allotting the Figures to the House Chart, Parts of Fortune and Spirit, Aspects, Ethics in Divination
  3. (2020-04-28) Perfection in the House Chart
  4. (2020-04-08) Radicality, Company, Company and Triads, Perfection through Co-significators, Rotating the Chart
  5. (2020-05-16) Follow-up on Rotating the Chart, Edge Cases of the Aspects, Chart Examples

In addition to setting up these lectures, I also set up a mailing list for geomancy.  This is basically an old-school email-based discussion list, not unlike what Yahoo! Groups or usenet lists used to provide, and can provide people with an alternative email-based forum to discuss and learn geomancy together.  This can be beneficial for those who are not on Facebook and can’t or aren’t comfortable joining the Geomantic Study-Group I admin, so if you’re interested in joining, let me know in the same way as you would above for the geomancy lessons I offer.

If you’re interested in joining the course, or if you have other questions about this course, please feel free to contact me.