The Digital Ambler is a blog on the Internet about things that interest me and that may interest you.  Originally begun as a tributary board for XaTuring, a modern divinity of the Internet, in 2011 I began to write about my life and practice as a ceremonial magician in the Western Hermetic tradition.  Ever since, I’ve been taking public notes of my crafts and progress in the Great Work, if for no other reason to keep myself in line and have things written down and somewhat organized for future use.  On the Digital Ambler, you can expect to find discussions about geomancy and astrology, divination, Renaissance European ceremonial magic, Alexandrian Egyptian and Empire-period Judaean proto-Hermetic material, and the occasional Santería discussion, along with plenty else besides.

Feel free to follow along and amble with me, ask me things, or suggest things for me to ramble about.  Occasionally I’ll put up goodies or other cool things that may come in use in your own hobbies, if you happen to walk a similar path as mine.  On this site, you’ll find the following sections:

  • About — The very page your eyes descry, dear reader.  A brief description of this blog and the stuff on it.
  • Contact — A page with a form to send email to me.
  • Crafts — Pictures and descriptions of the things I’ve made relevant to the Work.
  • Occult — Layouts and processes of rituals, consecrations, guides, &c.
  • Prayers — Prayers, hymns, and other orations to various entities or Entity.
    • Chaplets of the Archangels — Catholic-style formats for prayers involving chaplets for the lesser-known archangels of God.
    • Cyprianic Prayers — Prayers and orations oriented towards Saints Cyprian of Antioch, Justina, and Theocistus.
    • Hermetic Prayers — Prayers attributed to Hermes Trismegistus from the Corpus Hermeticum and other Hermetic wisdom texts.
  • Services — Rituals, consultations, divination readings, and other things I provide as a service.

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