Dump the Rotten Soup: A Note on Gordon White

I don’t take pleasure in calling people out, but occasionally it has to be done, especially when the person being called out is actively engaging in harmful, hateful things.  Even when it’s proper and righteous to do so, some people find it hard, especially if the person they’re calling out has a large following or if there are political, financial, or safety reasons at play.  Everyone has their own concerns they need to take stock of, and for that reason, not everyone who deserves a call-out gets one.

A few days ago on Twitter, I did my part to call out Gordon White of Rune Soup, around which the Rune Soup Premium Membership (RSPM) is focused.  This was several years late by my reckoning (for which I apologize), but I saw an opportune moment to do so, and decided that something like this is better late than never.  To that end, if you read Gordon’s blog and see his (hilariously awkward and infantile attempts of) attacks at me, this is why; he’s lashing out because someone dared to speak up against him (although I’m far from the only one to do so).  He is not someone to take seriously, much less take classes from; he is a far and sad cry from being any sort of champion of chaos magic, instead descending to little more than anti-vax right-wing grifting.

For those who aren’t on Twitter or have made the choice to ignore it, indulge me if you will.  For recordkeeping’s sake, I’ll list the relevant Twitter threads I made below for you to read at your leisure:

  1. In which I call out Gordon White and Rune Soup for being involved in violent and anti-vax rhetoric while drumming up a personality cult around him
  2. In which I make fun of his subsequent (and hilariously clumsy) attack on me from a blog post he made in response to the above thread
  3. In which I call out his hypocrisy in trying to pillory me for my employment
  4. Ditto, this time him trying to lambast me for being involved in an ATR while employed as I am
  5. In which I share a screenshot of Gordon saying that the COVID vaccines “literally cause AIDS”
  6. In which I share a screenshot of Gordon sharing extremist, partisan, conspiracy “news sources” that engage in evangelical Christian end-of-the-world conspiracies (think Cain, Satan, nuclear war, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, etc.)
  7. In which I make fun of another attack on me for my employment and priesthood (see thread #4 above)

I encourage you all to read the posts above if you can; if nothing else, they should be fairly entertaining, and there’s plenty of commentary from myself and others in the many replies thereof.  I’ll be referring to them and screenshots shared there, since I’m going to go against my usual practice and instead refrain from linking at all to Gordon’s blog or Twitter feed (he doesn’t deserve the traffic from my site).  I may, however, link to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine records of his website, however, depending on the need.

Oh, and yeah, him saying that COVID vaccines cause AIDS thing is very much real.  Let’s just get that out of the way first while we’re here.  Below is a screenshot of something he said in his private RSPM groups, and it’s far from the only such thing he’s said (alongside the tired variants on how vaccines cause autism, etc.).  Those who’ve been following Rune Soup know that Gordon has said some awful stuff in general when it comes to medicine, healthcare, and the vulnerable, but he says so much worse stuff behind closed doors.  And, as an out gay man himself (and myself, I should note!), I feel like he should have at least some sort of shame about invoking the HIV/AIDS crisis in this horrific, self-serving way.

Anyway, let me share my original statement regarding Gordon White.  It built off of a quote-tweet by Marco Visconti, in which he asked “Are we all still ok with the fake permaculture shaman to keep on serving virulent anti-vaxxer rhetoric alongside his abysmal rune soup?”.  I know I wasn’t and hadn’t been for some time, so I decided to let my thoughts be known clearly:

The only place for Rune Soup, honestly, is down the drain. It’d been bad for a while, and I really don’t know what else to tell people except to stay away from Gordon White’s stuff at this point, given all the hubristic, hateful, and violent ranting coming from him and his blog.

I used to like him, I was a supporter of his stuff, I joined in on his classes, and it was great while it lasted, but…well, as it turned out, GW/RS is a fine example of spirituality mingling with conspiracy to make conspirituality—which is as much a con as anything else.

It’s not just me that’s picked up on this; I tuned out of GW/RS’s stuff a good while back after he gladly invited some unfortunate people on his show, but others’ve kept up and have better receipts.

The RT’d thread above has quite a few replies by people I know, like, and trust who have been more involved in RSPM than I ever was, or who have kept up even more on GW/RS and can talk more about the stuff they can trace both to and from his stuff. It’s worth a (sobering) read.

Far be it from me to speculate about GW’s private issues, but from my perspective, he’s become a stereotype of the addled fake guru-turned-cult-leader peddling bad predictions couched in feel-good nonsense. He’s far gone from the practice-oriented chaos magic champion of yore.

I know I have a lot of RSPM folk among my friends+followers, and I hope you know what you’re doing with open eyes and a clear mind if/when you continue to involve yourself with GW/RS. For me? I can’t condone the conspiratorially crazy or crasslessly crude.

I also note that GW/RS is developing more and more of an extreme right-wing readership. Between that and the constant edgelordy gnosticism (which already attracts an ugly underbelly of Internet-addled trolls), the ambiance of his audience is not one I’d want to associate with.

The past few years have done a number on a lot of people, that much is certain, and it’s given a lot of people the chance to gleefully take off their masks in more ways than one—and sometimes, there’s worse to deal with than just someone’s odious breath.

Twitter being what it is, something like this spread quickly.  Now, going into this, I knew that this was going to hit a lot of people in different ways, and I know that I have many people I consider friends or colleagues who are or were part of RSPM or who are otherwise fans of Gordon.  Although it shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who pays attention to the things I say when it comes to politics or science, I know my own silence regarding Gordon specifically may have led some into some false sense of alliance between my and Gordon’s views, which I’ve since publicly rebuked and repudiated as being repulsive and vile.  By speaking out, I knew I was gonna make at least some people upset.

And, predictably (given how he’s reacted in the past to other people who’ve called him out along similar lines), Gordon wrote a post of his own on his website in a matter of hours attempting to pillory me.  A screenshot of the post in question:

A transcript:

I’m sure you all remember my pompous, Tory, cokehead little stalker still hopping mad that he isn’t -and never will be- me. From memory, Sam is some kind of federal IT bureaucrat so I guess he knows where his bread is buttered. Only a personality who could endure such a job could also be responsible for the unremittingly boring and lengthy blog posts that always fail to distinguish between what hermetic texts actually say versus the words they contain. The only magic in them is a cure for insomnia. All of this is to say I guess his dumb little take is not very surprising.

Anyway, this is what I have the distinct pleasure of dealing with while I go about my fake permaculturing and my fake shamaning. (Including bringing the work of Indigenous elders from around the world to public attention for the first time.) Apparently that’s ‘hate’, according to Sam. Apparently his grumpy little Tory cokehead friend’s repeated instances of misogyny and homophobia isn’t ‘hate’. (Fun bonus fact: Sam is gay.)

I find it comical how he described me and my blog in literally the exact opposite terms in his interview with me from September 2017, but so it goes, I suppose.  As for whatever insults he has for Marco, that’s a whole thing that’s its own debacle unto itself; Gordon likes to cry about being bullied while throwing insults like this, even to the point of making up identities for him to play his own brand of identity politics with, and it goes well beyond just Marco.  It all just blends into background noise after a point when you go through his blog archives.

The rest of his post isn’t worth the read; it’s just so much him whining about how misunderstood he is (despite his ample writing over the years that make abundantly clear what he believes) and how his followers should take the moral high road when it comes to haters (though I doubt they’d do well at that by following his example).  In this specific blurb riddled with ad-homimems, however, Gordon not only attempts to dox me (name, employer, and sexuality—none of which I’ve ever kept a secret, but it’s still a class act of him lashing out) but also makes a pathetic attempt at insulting me and my writing, to which I have two things to say:

  1. Sorry not sorry that my blog posts can get a bit long so that I can produce things of substance instead of mere content, or that I don’t just copy-paste other people’s half-read opinions and share them as some sort of deep truth of my own like some people do.
  2. Sorry not sorry that I use textual criticism because I care about getting things right for real implementation instead of following hucksters who call for harm against people doing meaningful work.

There’s also the “white savior” complex he brings into this, too; it shouldn’t be forgotten that Gordon has made a huge hubbub in recent years about his “shaman certification” that he received (after paying something around $10k for) from Alberto Villoldo, a Cuban psychologist who developed a form of neo-shamanism based on Peruvian and other South American practices, though not without controversy of his own regarding the (severe) impropriety of him doing so, which casts doubt on the very legitimacy of what Gordon inflates and reminds people of constantly.  Although, let’s be honest, it’s not like figuring out how legitimate such a “shamanic healing” practice would be given how Gordon himself talks about and markets it:

In addition to what he said about me on his blog, he also said a few unfortunate things about me on his Twitter, trying to shame me for my employment as a low-level software engineer for the United States federal government.  I’ve never kept this a secret, although I don’t bring up which specific agency beyond saying that it’s one of the calmer apolitical ones in existence.  I know what my job consists of and how it impacts people (and Gordon by his own admission doesn’t, I should note), but I don’t bring it up because nothing I say online or on this blog is ever said from the perspective of a federal employee.  To be sure, the United States as a whole has caused atrocious horrors the whole world over; I’d never deny that.  However, for Gordon (who has built so much of his blogging career on talking about elaborate non-systems and how so many things supposedly interconnect and interrelate to the point of outright unfounded conspiracy theories), there is no nuance here; I am paid by the government, and therefore I am among the worst of archons all unto myself.  Specifically, he now holds me to be responsible for “the most dangerous organisation on earth, that literally turns brown children to paste” and also “responsible for Latin America’s disadvantaged condition, as well as the death of about a million Latins”.  Sure, the US government is to blame for that, yet to impugn me as specifically responsible for this is just puerile, ungrounded, and unhinged finger-pointing on his end.  He also seems to take a special, sick joy in also attacking my initiation as a priest in La Regla de Ocha Lucumí (aka Santería, an Afro-Caribbean orisha religion) which he somehow finds ironic in this context, I guess, all the while woefully ignorant of its history and context. (At least I can trace my priesthood by name back to my forebears with others to attest to its legitimacy, something Gordon can’t with his “shamanic certification”.)

What he’s trying to do (though inexpertly) is shame me for my privilege in how I am so obviously and intimately tied up in the reckless destruction of human life across the world generally and Latin America specifically—all the while boasting about his own descent from British colonial administrators in the Pacific and using that to his lifelong advantage, working for global media companies and immersing himself in the active pushing of government-sanctioned/-directed propaganda to influence people the whole world over, and running in the same circles as actual royalty of colonialist empires and actual billionaires.  He says so right on his own website’s About page, and I swear by the gods above and below that I am not making this up (with the important and rather telling-on-oneself bits bolded by myself):

Australian by birth, Gordon White’s family has strong connections to the wider South Pacific thanks to his grandfather’s experience in colonial administration in Nauru and New Guinea. He spent much of his early years exploring and diving in Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.


After moving to London, he held senior data and analytics positions in global media companies, as well as starting a chaos magic blog and podcast called Rune Soup… which ultimately led to the publication of his first three books, The Chaos Protocols, Star.Ships: A Prehistory of the Spirits and Pieces of Eight.


Fun trivia about Gordon:

  • He has been in both the actual DeLorean from Back To The Future and the Batmobile from the original Adam West series.
  • He is distantly related to Sir Isaac Newton.
  • He accidentally ended up at the same party as Prince Harry.
  • He has lived on two volcanoes.
  • He has dived on a sunken city.
  • Sir Richard Branson once bought him a bottle of champagne.
  • He is obsessed with sharks.

I think it’s clear to say that Gordon White isn’t some sort of Joe Six-Pack, some sort of common man that disempowered people should relate to.  He is very much a product of the same old money and colonialist regimes that he instead tries to pillory me (and others!) for.  Rather than responsibly accounting for his own privilege, he instead builds his whole career on his privilege being a predicate for everything he’s done, up to and including buying his own farm (which he struggles with) to live out some sort of prepper’s dream to deal with his own midlife crisis.  Rather than making use of his privilege and his experience with the self-same archons that he developed his whole “archonology” theorycrafting about to actually help people, he’s more inclined to perpetuate and propagate those same tendencies and strengths to bend people around him to stoop to his insanity even more.

I could go on, but if you take a look at what I linked to above and Marco Visconti’s original tweet (and all the replies from the many other people to it), you’ll see so much more of this in tired abundance.  Between the non-ironic shares of “news articles” from extremist/conspiracy rags like Expose News or Rebel News, the calls for violence against healthcare workers, the piles of anti-vax rhetoric that he only ever doubles down on (and now seems to be making his whole brand), the extremely improper “medical advice” he gives for people to deal with the vaccine (including talking about turpentine enemas to extract toxins)…it’s not great.  But this is who he is; this is what he does.

While Gordon has definitely and publicly gone off the rails in the COVID-19 pandemic and how traumatized he was by not being able to travel so freely anymore (quelle horreur!), it’s not like his right-wing extremism is a new thing.  He’s shown tendencies towards New Right ideology in posts dating back at least to 2015, invoking the likes of Ernst Jünger for the sake of rebellion against multiculturalism.  Taking a page out of his own conspiracy/archonology playbook, if there’s one thing Gordon is good at, it’s using, twisting, and adapting language to suit his own self-serving needs—although anyone with a head on their shoulders and their eyes open can see clearly what it is he’s doing.  (The irony of him using Mark Twain’s quote in his recent posts of “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled” would be so satisfying if it weren’t so nauseating in this context.)

This blogpost of mine is not intended to be something like Fr. Pera’s documentation of the Nazi occultist Georgina Rose aka Da’at Darling; I’m not tracking all of the awful things Gordon has said or encouraged people to do over the years, as that’s a far greater endeavor than I have the time or energy for, especially when I’ve spent the past few years content with just ignoring him.  However, at this point, the harm he’s causing through his violent rhetoric (all the while couched in feel-good holistic woo and Ursula Le Guin quotes) is simply too much to keep silent on, and so I refuse to any longer.  This is why I spoke out several days ago on Twitter, and is why I’m speaking out now on my blog (which I hope, dear reader, hasn’t been “unremittingly boring” for you).  I simply share what I have at hand about why I’m saying these things, all to make this point: Gordon White is not someone to follow, learn from, or give one’s money to.  I am simply letting people know what he’s actually doing and saying behind his cultivated online presence.

A call-out like this is not going to make me many friends, or so I assume; I’ve already had some (albeit happily not many) people distance themselves from me, calling me an “unhinged tweet spree hate message spreader” or just simply “scum” (for real).  And, yanno what?  It’s honestly no skin off my nose for being called names for calling out someone who seems to want to start a cult around himself.  Unlike Gordon, I’m not trying to corner some market, cultivate some personality cult, or take advantage of people with an obvious grift that preys on people’s enflamed emotions and vulnerability with far-right propaganda-bot-fueled talking points during a global pandemic (and worse).  I’m just here doing my thing, and that’s all I care about; to that end, I just want to make sure that people are well-prepared with the knowledge they need regarding one of the bigger (and more harmful) names in the modern occult community today.  Hence, this blog post, which I hope will be the only one I ever have to write about him, since I’d like to get back to my habit of not having to think about him or reluctantly visit his website/Twitter when someone tells me about some new odious thing he wrote with my name on it.  Since I’ve solidly earned a place on his shitlist, I fully anticipate that he’ll continue ranting and whining about me with bungled attempts at defaming me or shaming me while ignoring the breathtaking hypocrisy or outright ignorance involved in him doing so; I don’t care.

While I don’t expect to deconvert anyone already stuck on Gordon’s bullshit (though hope springs eternal!), I do want to spread the awareness of his bullshit all the same, to let others know who have been picking up on some of these rancid smells that it’s not just them, to let people know that there are those willing to speak out against him despite his following, and to offer an explanation of why my name is coming out of his execrable mouth.  Despite his holier-than-thou railing against people with hate in their hearts, I’m not someone so full of hate like Gordon is in this; I am only (in the words of the Headless Rite) someone “who hates the fact that unjust deeds are done in the world”.  The Rune Soup really is rotten, and the sooner we dump it, the better off we’ll all be.

PS: I am uninterested in reading defenses of bloviating, conspiracy-addled, rage-spreading hucksters, despite what you might have learned from them or how good a friend they might be to you; they can defend and redeem themselves by changing their own apparent behavior and character. And yanno what? I’d love for these kinds of people to do just that! I’m not about playing a game of tit-for-tat to garner support or leverage social media engagement; I just want us all to do better. So please, if you’ve got something to share in support of Gordon or similar people, just save your breath and keystrokes, and instead let them show who they are by their own words and works.

19 responses

  1. I wasn’t sure if it was just me noticing GW made a hard right and went careening over a cliff into Crazytown. I haven’t checked RS in years. He seemed to become more and more unhinged as time went by, and his espousing borderline fascist ideology shows he doesn’t know his history. Homosexuals and people of colour are usually the first ones on the chopping block when extremists come to power. Either he slept through history class on that one or is willfully ignorant. *sigh* I don’t know why people still follow him.

  2. Hi Sam,

    I have to say, I wonder why you sent this. Is there a story in here I’m missing? It seems to be about a fight between you and another man – what am I meant to do with this? I feel sorry for both of you, deeply regretful that there is trouble between you two – and that it has been made public – and wish you both wellness and happiness in your endeavours.



    • Oh, there’s no fight, and no need to be sorry for me. After years of trying to ignore it, I simply got fed up with seeing how his harmful, hurtful, violent, misinfo-riddled rhetoric keeps spreading, and want people to know what he’s doing and saying so they can steer clear of him, because he’s a negative presence and influence in the online esoteric and occult community, and we’re better off without him at this point.

  3. I read this post assuming you’d counter some, or even one of Gordon’s crazy conspiracy theories, but I don’t see any of that here. 2020 brought out a lot of once-hidden actors on the world stage pushing for the implementation of a lot of new technology. The guise is that all of this is for the betterment of humankind (pharmaceuticals to save lives, surveillance to get to people where they need help, censoring disinformation, central bank digital currencies to better balance economies, police and military enforced lockdowns of populations because sometimes people just need to stay home, etc.) Anyone with an imagination can see how all of these things can easily go terribly wrong. A basic history lesson also shows us that there isn’t one government, democratically elected or not, that doesn’t have a horrible track record and lots of blood on it’s hands. My point is, we should all be championing those who don’t share our viewpoints, especially in times like these, because the stakes are too damn high not to.
    Gordon has shared hundreds of data points regarding covid, what it is and what it isn’t. Some of them come from the New York Times and Epoch times, some from the CDC and other govt funded entities, and some from doctors with page-long credentials attached to their names. I ask you: what is a reliable source? We are all liars and we all absorb ourselves in lies every day. Those of us who seek truth must do so with this in mind. I am going to assume that what we all thought covid was in March 2020 is not what we think it is today. Same for ’15 days to stop the spread,’ and ‘safe and effective’ vaccines. Why do you label as ‘right-wing conspiracy theorist’ those who saw very early on that things were not exactly as we were being told by the “reliable sources?”
    I don’t pretend to understand the online occult community and its Twitter beefs or why they exist, so Im not calling either of you two boys out on your spat, but I do feel the need to support Gordon here and say that he isn’t the monster you want him to be. Gordon made magic a practical and real thing that has changed mine and many lives for the better. He is a personality; cocky sometimes and arrogant as hell, but so is every artist and teacher; It’s hard to stand atop a soap box without thinking your shit doesn’t stink… But, without Gordon, I may never have learned about the amazing perspectives and magic of people and cultures indigenous to the South Pacific/Australia/NZ or the horrible atrocities imposed on them by colonizing Europeans. I never would have learned about the rich history of magic and grimoires throughout medieval Europe. I never would have come across Digital Ambler. Gordon may not virtue signal about Black Lives or Trans Lives or Ukranian Lives or the fascist patriarchy, but the dude is highlighting his own perspective and experience and bringing awareness to many other things that I think make the world a richer place.
    And I say “the dude,” because I’ve met him, hung out with him, and that’s what he is; He’s a great magician and shamanic ritual leader, but he’s also just a dude. No one fawns over him. He doesn’t preach to people. There’s no huge glowing aura…
    I get that its trendy to find each other’s imperfections, exploit them, show how dangerous THEY are and how safe WE are… Technology/social media makes this easier and turns the tiniest things into wildfires… But I hope the two of you come to terms and figure out something you both agree on and see where that conversation leads. Because this one sucks. From both of you.

    • I don’t see a need to go against all or many of Gordon’s conspiracy theories; I see nothing to counter in any meaningful way, because part of that is a lack of rationality and an ungroundedness that detaches one from a common reality.

      I should offer a reminder that Hermeticism is part and parcel of the development of modern science and medicine, and that an exploration of science, scientific results, and scientific experiments is something good in and of itself; on that, I think we can agree. However, the difference here is that I recognize that sometimes authorities do get things wrong and answers change because our understanding changes through constant development.

      What Gordon does, however, is not a healthful or sane appreciation of what science is or does. For instance, there was that time he got super into German New Medicine, wrote a blog post about how it was going to change the world, and then when someone called him out on it being completely nonsense; he admitted he’d only watched a couple of videos on it, and that was that. More recently with his anti-vax COVID conspiracy stuff, rather than providing meaningful and well-sourced counter-arguments against anything, all I can read him to do is basically double-down and go “we can’t trust the media, here is a bunch of known partisan rags sharing bot-provided talking points that supports my view that you can’t trust the media”. That’s not something to argue against, because that would treat it with a sense of rationality and dignity that it fundamentally lacks; that’s something to stand against.

      Don’t mistake what I’m saying or suggesting here: I don’t want him to be a monster. I want him to stop spewing stuff that is literally incredulous, ill-founded, conspiratorial bullshit that is not only scientifically implausible but also ethically outrageous. I’m glad you learned plenty of stuff from him, but you don’t have to keep supporting him, either, for some sentimental notion of debt that you feel you might owe him.

      Until he cuts his shit, I have no desire to make nice with him; I haven’t for years now, ever since he started expressing honestly-troubling stuff that pretty solidly indicates that we wouldn’t get along on a number of humanitarian or justice-oriented points. I find that what he’s doing is, in a word, unjust, and therefore unworthy of our attention and support.

        • I think we’re done here.

          There’s a reason why I put a record of Gordon saying that the COVID vaccine causes AIDS right up front in the post. That’s not just wrong, it’s also *completely indefensible*. If that came out of anyone else’s mouth, chances are high that you’d probably see them for the crazy and deluded person they are—or, at any rate, you *should*. This isn’t a matter of “different viewpoints”, this is a matter of engaging in outright harmful bullshit that makes the world a worse place to live in.

          As a gay man, I find talking about HIV/AIDS in a way that serves fueling conspiracy theories to be outright horrific, especially since it also further stigmatizes those who *are* actually HIV+ and further spreads serophobia (which is why this is all the more hurtful and absurd coming from Gordon himself). This is shameful, and for you to take even the harsh but accurate statement from above so flippantly is something you really should be ashamed of.

          I expected better of you, too.

          • It is breaking down people’s immune systems, causing all sorts of auto-immune issues. If that isn’t AIDS then come up with a better name for it. It isn’t my fault that people from “common reality” are totally ignoring every negative consequence of MRNA technology this which was blanketed the world over based on a slew of false assumptions and outrights lies. Excess death rates are higher this year than the previous two. This is a fact and y’all are just waving your hands at.
            And saying something causes AIDS doesn’t stigmatize anyone. Gay people don’t own AIDS and the person who originally caused that stigma was the same doctor you today put up on a pedestal, Anthony “the science” Fauci. Gordon doubled down on that statement in, what I assume was his rebuttal to your condemnation of him. Have another look because he actually provides his rationale.
            But this is your platform, I’ll bow out and leave you to it.

            • Something I find intriguing is that you (and a whole number of trolls on Twitter) are making claims about things I supposedly say, support, or defend, listing names of this person or that that I’m supposedly in cahoots with, when I’ve never said anything of the sort. What this suggests to me is that not *only* are you making incredible assumptions about me, but you’re also taking talking points straight from others who are pushing this sort of crap. Not only does this apply to you now attacking me, but it also applies to the faulty claims you’re making about scientific reports grounded in not just misreadings of them but an abuse of reading itself.

              Nothing else you have is worth replying to; as I said before, there’s got to be something of dignity in it, and you’ve lost it all in this childish display you bring to my doorstep.

              Get over yourself and fix yourself.

              Also, for transparency’s sake, I removed your link to Gordon’s “living in a word without sin” drivel-filled post; I’m not permitting any further traffic from my blog to his.

            • One last thing before I go (and stay gone, I promise) because its bothering me to not say it: Your assumption that I would or should feel shame for anything I say, ever, anywhere, doesn’t work anymore. People like me have found online communities away from people like you where we do not attempt to stand in the way of good faith discourse (or bad faith discourse, for that matter) by ridiculing, shaming, or straw-manning those we don’t readily agree with. We have done so after having had three years to witness just how wrong you are and how blindly you appeal to the same authorities which have and continue to cause so many of the things you profess to hate in the world. “We” are ahead of the curve on this. For that you are jealous. “We” do not discriminate on the basis of sex, color, religion, etc so you project, in a Freudian sense, such hatred onto us. We see through it and your shaming no longer works. Provide some actual counterargumenta and we’ll gladly listen, but honestly none of us care what you think when you call us names and shame us. Welcome to 2022.

              • The astounding lack of shame you have is wrapped up in your lack of self-awareness. It’s not a good thing, and it’s definitely not a good look.

                What you’re showing off is *precisely* the same kind of cultishness I’m telling people about and warning people away from.

                Admin note: In accordance with their own wishes for not wanting to come back, and because I’m tired of unwarranted ranting on my own blog, I’ve banned the above person from further commenting on my blog.

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  6. I’m a bit late to the party on this but honestly, I want to say thank you.

    I canceled my rune soup membership early in 2020 when the real gordon started rearing its ugly head and when I noticed this change taking place, I noped out as quickly as possible.

    The biggest problem with Gordon is he lives in a bubble. His home is in Tasmania in a vast region of farm untouched by the trials and tribulations of everyday living.

    It’s very rich for him to say these things, tell others they are wrong as well as spew vile rants when he comes from a place of no responsibilities (aka family, job security etc) that he need concern himself with.

    I agree with the sentiment that he has indeed created an almost cult like atmosphere with him being the figurehead and he keeps all those that continue to follow him in line with fearful predictions of the road ahead.

    He’s forgotten where he came from as well as the roads he traveled to get to where he is today and that’s somewhat sad.

    I truly have no idea what happened to him to become like this but it’s depressing to think as his site WAS the go to place for me before all this went down simply due to the fantastic courses he lead.

    Anyway, thanks for your time and for the others that have called him out for his deplorable behaviour in the last couple of years.

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