A Reminder to All Those who (Claim to) Follow the Way of Hermēs

Whether you call it Hermeticism or Hermetism, regardless of how much Hellenic or Solomonic or qabbalistic influence it may bear, irrespective of whether you’re focused on classical or medieval or Renaissance or modern approaches to it all, the Way of Hermēs Trismegistos is fundamentally Egyptian at its core—and Egypt is still a place in Africa. None of us should ever, ever forget that.

Those Hermet(ic)ists who aren’t stepping up to aid those who belong to an oppressed minority and aren’t stepping up to bring life and light to their fellow humanity through healing and wisdom need to reconsider what they’re really doing with their lives and to do better to actually implement the teachings in their own Work—especially if they’re white, straight, cis, or otherwise privileged to belong to one non-oppressed majority or another. And those Hermet(ic)ists who aid or abet racism, fascism, or other such oppressive thoughts and practices need to take a good, long look at themselves, pray, go back to the original texts and philosophies, relearn the inherent dignity and holiness of all humanity, and reconsider literally everything it is they are—and to fuck all the way off and out of the way of humanity until they get a grip on the Way of Hermēs, no matter which route they’re taking.

Even if ancient Egyptians didn’t see themselves like other African ethnicities, even if Hermet(ic)ism wasn’t pan-Mediterranean syncretic from the start, even if Hermetic practices hadn’t changed over millennia, racism and fascism and oppression have no place in the Way—and it is not enough to simply not participate in those things, but it is on us to stand up against them and to actively work against them.

Black Lives Matter.

Work accordingly.

For the love of God and the gods, for the sake of all humanity all made in the image and likeness of the Divine, for the betterment and salvation and good order of the whole Creation of the Creator for all its creatures, let all followers of the Way of Hermēs—whether Hermeticist or Hermetist—hear and help.

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  1. EVERY HUMAN BEING MATTERS sir I dont support groups that destroy or harm others IT all started from the beginning of time the word is called CONTROL and GREED if you can control others then you control the food chain we are all slaves or plebs to some extent GOVERNMENTS and CORPORATIONS ARE THE NEW CONTROL I BELIEVE IN FREEDOM to be able to debate to be able to Express myself without being told how to think to love who I want to but I dont like to be force into believe in ideological ideals I dont agree we all have opinions as long as your not hurting yourself or anyone else what you do in your bedroom is your business what you do in your home is your business everyone should mind their own business and FOCUS on themselves and make a better world for themselves and everyone else.

    • Hi! This is exactly the wrong kind of answer to give to someone saying “you shouldn’t be racist” and that black lives do, in fact, matter. This is especially so when you’re replying to a post that’s almost a year old, even if the topic is unfortunately still current because too many institutions and the people who support or work in them (e.g. many police in the US) treat black lives as if they don’t matter.

      Also the bit about bedrooms is completely weird here. I suppose I should add “don’t be homophobic” to the list, too.

      Do better.

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