A Brief Statement Regarding Current Events

As a result of my own studies and meditations on the Way of Hermēs, on God, and on the worthiness and well-being of humanity, I feel like I should make it clear that the Digital Ambler is a completely antifascist endeavor; one that stands against white supremacy; one that believes that Black Lives Matter; and one that is in support of the various protests and protesters that are putting life and limb on the line to fight back against police brutality and state brutality, oppression of the downtrodden and marginalized, and systemic, systematic racism in all its forms. We should all remember that even a single life is worth more than a thousand treasuries of gold and jewels.

If you disagree, I would strongly urge you to reconsider who you are and what you’re doing, and if you still disagree after that, then I urge you to turn away and never look at my website, writings, or services again until you find it in your heart to treat other humans with the dignity and respect they deserve. If my words fall on your ears made deaf by your own hands, then just leave; you’re not welcome here, as you’ve made humanity itself unwelcome in your heart. There are too many people in the occult and spiritual disciplines who are white supremacists, fascists, and various other kinds of horrible approaches to life who seem to have missed the whole overall point of doing the Great Work that is incumbent on every living human to strive for, and I stand against them as much as I stand against these very plagues upon our hearts and minds.

If you agree, however, I urge you to spend a bit of time doing the research and listening to our fellow folk fighting for what’s right to find out how you can support them and all other people who are being imprisoned, maimed, and murdered on unjust and illegal causes. Whether it’s donating money to bail funds or to the families of the murdered or those whose eyes are literally being shot out by police, procuring medical and protective gear to first responders and medics (we still have a pandemic on our hands, after all), marching in the protests to protect others whether present or absent, or contacting your officials at all levels of government to support radical change to increase the well-being of your fellow humanity both now and in the future. Even if it’s just holding space, checking in on your friends and colleagues, reading up on the history of how we got here, and resharing what you can online, every little bit helps.

Especially if you’re white, straight, or otherwise part of a majority class or demography that has privilege in one way or another, this is the time to stand aside and follow, to educate yourselves, to support those who are disprivileged or never had privilege in the first place, and to protect those same people.  This is something I myself am working on, and I am only making this post to remind those who are not black or people of color, not queer, or otherwise not so oppressed to do the same.  Stand up, fight back, and fight for the sake of your brothers, sisters, and siblings of humanity; we all stand together, or we all hang together.  There is no other option here.

Ora et labora: no matter how much we pray, we need to put in an equal amount of work to it, too, lest our prayers be no more than empty wind. Please do what you can, however much of it you can, and as often as you can. This is not, and has not been, something that will go away in a day or a week, and not something that will go away when the next big news story breaks.

May God and the gods help us and be with us;
may God and the gods be merciful and gracious and propitious to us;
may God and the gods lift us all out of darkness into the light.

TL;DR: if you find yourself at all in support of the brutality, terrorism, and unwarranted and grievous violence caused, instigated, or escalated by fascists, racial or religious supremacists, the police, the military, or the government, whether of or in the United States of America or any other nation, and either are convinced by propaganda to remain in support of it or are unwilling to reconsider your stance on such, then fuck you and fuck off, and may everything you read written by my hands explode in your face as bullets and teargas explodes in the faces of the oppressed and besieged, because I want nothing to do with you.

P.S.: Also, while you’re reading this, help encourage good law, good order, and good justice by supporting a good and worthy cause, especially one local to you! Here’s a masterthread on Twitter by the inestimable Molly Conger (@socialistdogmom) who compiled resources on who to donate to, what to sign, and who to call to help support the current protests and causes going on around the USA!

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