Via (Geomantic Figure)


The geomantic figure Via, or “Way”. This figure has all elements active, revealing its dynamic nature; its linear form resembles a road, at the changes afoot due to time and circumstance. It takes and transforms every other figure and force into its opposite. It is a figure of complete change, upheaval, and reversal; it is good with bad figures and bad with good figures, though it is considerably more favorable in matters requiring total reassessment and journeys of any kind. It often shows a solitary time and path, between homes, cities, and worlds.

Via has connections with the waning Moon and the element of Water. Agrippa assigns it to the astrological sign of Cancer, although Gerard of Cremona assigns it to Leo. It is an even, mobile, and liminal figure. Its inverse and converse figure is Populus, the People, while its reverse figure is itself.

For a more complete description of this figure, see this post on Via.

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