Rubeus (Geomantic Figure)


The geomantic figure Rubeus, or “Red”. Rubeus has only air active in its elemental structure, giving it a form like that of a glass turned upside down. Rubeus is traditionally a negative figure, since it has only the whirlwind presence of air without anything to ground it, connect it to others, or direct it; Rubeus seeks to be involved with everything but only briefly and superficially, quickly passing onto the next topic or subject in a bout of energy and confusion. Rubeus tends to be unfavorable in most matters, but good in matters of violence, drugs, and sex. It often signifies confusion or flightiness.

Rubeus has connections with Mars retrograde and the element of Air. Agrippa assigns it to the astrological sign of Scorpio, but Gerard of Cremona assigns it to Gemini. It is an odd, mobile, and exiting figure. Its inverse figure is Puella, the Girl; its reverse figure is Albus, White; and its converse figure is Puer, the Boy.

For a more complete description of this figure, see this post on Rubeus.

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