Puer (Geomantic Figure)


The geomantic figure Puer, or “Boy”. Lacking only water, Puer represents the enthusiastic youth eager to go out and conquer the world. The figure itself resembles a sword or phallus, and show that Puer seeks to emit energy and will into the world; however, it does so in order to be received and be accepted as a kind of validation for itself. Puer is favorable in matters of love, war, and pursuit of any kind, but is unfavorable in most other matters, especially those that require levelheadedness and maturity instead of courage and a large amount of youthful energy or recklessness.

Puer has connections with Mars direct and the element of Air. Agrippa and Gerard of Cremona assign it to the astrological sign of Aries. It is an odd, mobile, and exiting figure. Its inverse figure is Albus, White; its reverse figure is Puella, the Girl; and its converse figure is Rubeus, Red.

For a more complete description of this figure, see this post on Puer.

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