Puella (Geomantic Figure)


The geomantic figure Puella, or “Girl”. The figure can be seen as a human figure with the breasts exaggerated, emphasizing the fertile and providing nature of the female sex. With only air passive, this figure waits for input and communication, and as a watery figure, it is passive and waits to receive. Puella is more favorable than unfavorable, though fickle and flighty with her charms depending on who’s asking for her. This is a good figure for harmony, relationships, and simple joy, though fleeting. It is unfavorable in matters for long-term stability or where action and leadership are required.

Puella has connections with Venus in direct motion and the element of Water. Agrippa and Gerard of Cremona both assign it to Libra. It is an odd, stable, and entering figure. Its inverse figure is Rubeus, Red; its reverse figure is Puer, Boy; and its converse figure is Albus, White.

For a more complete description of this figure, see this post on Puella.

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