Fortuna Minor (Geomantic Figure)

Fortuna Minor

The geomantic figure Fortuna Minor, or “Lesser Fortune”. Fire and air are the active elements in this figure, lending it a great deal of activity but lacking in things to ground it or put it into meaningful, human terms. Fortuna Minor, although arguably good, does not bode well for great success; rather, like the ending of a day of work or the falling edge of the Wheel of Fortune, it preserves what one has already accomplished without the promise of any more. It also shows success with the aid of others, and that success can only last for as long as one has their support. It represents unstable or impermanent success and is favorable in matters that require speed or a quick resolution; it is unfavorable in anything requiring permanence.

Fortuna Minor has connections with the Sun setting or the Sun in southern declinations and the element of Fire. Agrippa assigns it to the astrological sign of Leo, but Gerard of Cremona assigns it to Taurus. It is an even, mobile, ane exiting figure. Its inverse and reverse figure is Fortuna Major, the Greater Fortune, while its converse figure is itself.

For a more complete description of this figure, see this post on Fortuna Minor.

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