And here we go.

The past month has been incredible for me, and incredibly busy.  All told, I have accomplished four novenas, three feast days, a New Moon and Full Moon offering, hikes to nine churches, a bachelor party, scrambling to deal with multigovernment paperwork, two religious anniversaries, my own wedding anniversary, two séances, three awkward and unusual-snelling spiritual baths, the installation of a new shrine, and welcoming Hermes back for this round of direct Mercury motion, all while getting far too little sleep and spending far too much money.

The past year has been as huge and crazy for me.  I got a new terrible job at a high pay raise, got married to the love of my life in a surprise ceremony orchestrated by the gods themselves, bought my first house, and returned to my old awesome job at the same pay level I was getting at the recent terrible one.  I have gone from elated to anxiety-ridden to depressed to infuriated, from ascended heat to abyssal cold, multiple times over and back.

And all of that is a warmup for what is about to kick off what will be the most interesting and memorable birthday vacation ever for me this and next week.

This is the year I turn black lead into white gold by means of red iron.  Those who are close to me know what I mean by that; those who don’t know, well, know that it’s going to be spectacular, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Basically, I’m about to undertake a massive spiritual work, the duration of which will take place over the next full year.  Related to this, I will not be taking any requests for divination, consultation, teaching, or crafting during this time.  I’ll still be around to write posts, respond to questions, and work on my geomancy book, so I’m not going completely off-grid, but know that much of my time over the next year will be focused internally rather than externally.  I may take some time after it’s all done with to discuss what I’m doing and why, but that’ll be later.  In the meantime, while I’m getting reoriented and figuring out what the hell’s going on inside and outside my sphere, why not take a look through my blog’s archives?  Over the past five-or-six years, I’ve written so much that even I forget what I’ve put out, from advice from specific spirits to whole methods of energy work and everything in-between.  Even I could use a good review now and again, and I’m just as impressed as anyone that I’ve done what I’ve done and said what I said.

In the near term, I will be unavailable to reply to messages, emails, or other communiques until later this month, around October 18 (assuming I’m conscious and competent enough to use a phone or computer).  I love you.  Be good, or be good at it.  If you have to get into trouble, make it worthy of a good story to tell afterwards.

For getting me to this point in my life, I thank all the theoi, ancestors, saints, angels, and demons, and I thank all my family, friends, colleagues, teachers, and cohorts.  I also especially thank you, my dearest and most awesome readers, for supporting me throughout all these years of Work, and for many more years of Work to come, because no matter how much I’ve done so far, it’s certainly far from complete.

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