Let’s close this year with a break from it all.

2014 has been an awesome year for many reasons.  Yeah, parts of it sucked, because life sucks.  Most of it rocked, because life rocks.  It’s a thing, you know?  This whole humanity deal we have going on?  You know what I’m talking about.

Well, I can definitely say that I’ve written more for this blog, as well as a number of ebooks (another cool thing I started doing this past year!) than I ever envisioned.  Between grammatomancy, Saint Cyprian, angel works, and mathesis, it’s been an awesome year, but now it’s time for a break.  Since I’m going on a few weeks’ vacation from work, I may as well take a vacation from writing as well, so this will be a temporary parting of ways until the New Year.  After all, I should give my fingers and wrists a rest from the keyboard and put them to other worthwhile ends.  Similarly, dear reader, I hope you can take these last few days of 2014 for yourself, exploring your own mysteries, magic, and methods to make your life better in every which way possible.

For now, I’m out.  I’ll be back after the ball drops, maybe a bit later depending on how hungover I am.

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