Fr. Rufus Opus, who is not me, made something awesome!

So, if you’re at all involved with the ceremonial magic blogosphere or Hermetic occulture online nowadays, you may have heard that there was a new book published this week: Seven Spheres by Frater Rufus Opus, from Nephilim Press.  This is Fr. Rufus Opus’ second time being in print (the first being a contribution to Holy Guardian Angel, ed. by Fr. Mike Cecchetelli), and his first time publishing a full book, which is a huge accomplishment for the man.


From the Nephilim Press page:

Seven Spheres is more than a simple book of traditional Hermetic Magic. It is designed to be a series of rituals that function on many levels to take an average ordinary magician and turn them into a self-actualized powerhouse of proactive reality engineering. It’s entirely about attaining initiation and empowerment in the highest levels of un-manifest reality. These experiences and rites result in the release of a floodgate of power that pour down through the layers of progressive manifestation, building up awareness, understanding, and ultimately raw potential as you move from sphere to sphere through the rites, ultimately culminating in the anointing of the magician as Priest-King directing the forces that climax in your personal daily experience of the Joy of your life. This book isn’t about physical or spiritual mastery, it is entirely about understanding that you, personally, are beloved, honored, blessed, and highly favored of every intelligence, spirit, angel, and god of every sphere. This is about understanding who you are and what you can accomplish as a human being manifest upon the surface of the Earth. Spiritual enlightenment and material mastery will be yours, if you do the work described.

If you’re familiar with Fr. Rufus Opus’ stuff, you’ll know that he had a thing going on a while back called the Planetary Gates series of ebooks and rituals.  They formed the crux of his system of Hermetic theurgy: a series of conjurations calling upon the angels presiding over the planetary spheres.  He understood that a conjuration of one of these angels is a lot more than merely charging them to do such-and-such for you; rather, he realized that working with the angels can be a series of initiations into elevating oneself higher through the heavens to reach, essentially, godhood.  It’s a modern method of Renaissance Hermetic ritual with foundations in ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern theurgy, and it’s awesome.

As some of my own readers are familiar, I’m a student of Fr. Rufus Opus himself and his Red Work series of classes.  It’s how I formally got started in being a ceremonial magician back in 2011, and I’ve been close to him since and have consulted with him on a number of topics.  The Planetary Gates texts he had online for quite some time was one of the pillars of his coursework, and I’ve used them extensively in my own work, culminating in my own conjuration of the angel of the fixed stars and an initiation into the Eighth Sphere.  I can’t suggest his approach enough to people who are new to the occult, since it affords so much and so fast to those who are willing to put the work in and do the rituals.

A while back, Fr. Rufus Opus took down the option to buy the Planetary Gates ebooks he had on his website, only recently acknowledging that he had done so to polish them up, add in more content and experiences, and refine it into a proper occult grimoire.  Now, after all that time, the fruits of his labors can be harvested!  The Planetary Gates texts were valuable for their content alone, sure, and how to go about performing Trithemian-style conjurations and how to plunge oneself into the heights and depths of the planets, getting everything one can over and over out of the heavens to benefit ourselves on Earth and in all other planes of existence.  Seven Spheres will have all that and more!  After all, as Fr. Rufus Opus says:

The point is to empower you to be the king and queen of your world. You are the center of your existence, and it is through your decisions and actions that you influence the experience of your manifest life. From money, to sex, to happiness, to fulfillment, all of your life experiences are the result of decisions you make based on your awareness of what’s going on at the time.

Even if you’re not into all that high and mighty theurgical henosis and apotheosis, chances are you’re into getting laid and getting paid.  From low and vulgar ends to the highest and most rarefied, Seven Spheres covers how you can do both at the same time.

So, the text was released this past Monday, November 17, and I noted almost immediately once the news hit Facebook that my blog hits started shooting up, with more than a few searches for “rufus opus” and “seven spheres”.  While it’s true that I do reference Fr. Rufus Opus’ work (I’m kinda indebted to him, after all, for essentially giving me a leg up in the occult world), I just want to make it clear: I am not the Hermeticist you are looking for.  I may be seen to approach his level of awesomeness and, on occasion, drunkenness, but let me tell you, the man you’re looking for is far more awesome and far more and far more often drunk than I could ever be.  To resolve this, I thought it might help if I mentioned that, no, I am not Fr. Rufus Opus, I’m just polyphanes, and I haven’t published anything except a few of my own ebooks yet (which, admittedly, I think you should also buy).  You want Fr. Rufus Opus’ new book, which you can buy from Nephilim Press for US$50.00, which is pretty much a steal for what is essentially a landmark work in modern Hermetic magic.

After all, I’ve already ordered my copy.  You really, really, really should, too.  Even if you have laminated copies of his Planetary Gates texts enshrined in a secure locked-down binder and kept in a safe place (because surely I can’t be the only one who does that), you should get a copy of Fr. Rufus Opus’ new book today while supplies last from Nephilim Press.  Add to it, Fr. Rufus Opus is planning on making this the primary textbook for his future style of Red Work courses, which means you should really get the book anyway especially if you’re considering learning from him.

Stop waiting.  Close this window, get out your PayPal login or credit card, and go to Nephilim Press right now to buy Fr. Rufus Opus’ Seven Spheres.  If you’re interested in doing some real Work, you can do much worse than opening the Gates and walking through them with this.

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