Four Chaplets of Saint Cyprian For Sale!

After getting the go-ahead from Saint Cyprian with my chaplet to him and the design for his prayer beads, I went ahead and made some chaplets for myself and my friends to use in working with him.  This required getting a handful of Saint Cyprian of Antioch medals, which are hard to come by.  I left the handful of things on his altar to cook and consecrate, and now they’re all done and ready to go.  Still, even after making chaplets for myself and my friends, and after reserving some medals for some other occult purposes, I had a few extra leftover.  With Saint Cyprian’s permission, I made some more chaplets and have decided to put them up for sale for those who wish to work with the good saint.

I have four Chaplets of Saint Cyprian for sale; each has a Saint Cyprian of Antioch (specifically of Antioch, not of Carthage) medallion with “Ruega Por Nosotros” (Spanish for “Pray For Us”) on the reverse.  Each has been set on Saint Cyprian’s altar, being anointed with oil and prayed over with a novena to Saint Cyprian along with the chaplet itself for each of the nine nights; they’ve been blessed so that those who pray the chaplet to Saint Cyprian of Antioch will receive his blessings of protection from evil arts and acts, as well as receive his aid in learning the occult arts.  Each chaplet is unique in design.

  1. Howlite beads with garnet separators and glass seed beads
  2. Onyx beads with amethyst separators and glass seed beads
  3. Amethyst beads with onyx separators and glass seed beads
  4. Onyx, amethyst, and howlite beads (including the skulls) with glass evil-eye separators and brass beads

Each of the chaplets is US$81, which includes standard shipping to anywhere in the world (i.e. free shipping).  The chaplets are first-come first-serve, so if you want one of these chaplets, you should probably decide sooner rather than later; I’ll cross out each chaplet on this post as they’re bought.  To help you get started with working with the good saint, I’ll email you a copy of my translation of the Book of Saint Cyprian (available on Etsy here for $10), as well.  All you need to do is click on the link for each chaplet given above, which will take you to my Etsy page where they’re listed.  When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Of course, you can still find plenty of other information about Saint Cyprian out there.  Hadean Press has two chapbooks on Saint Cyprian, one written by ConjureMan Ali and another by Nicolaj de Mattos Frisvold; Spanish speakers can easily find and read books and blogs on Saint Cyprian (being one of the most popular Spanish grimoires in publication for god-knows-how-long).  Plus, there’s also Jake Stratton-Kent’s excellent Testament of Saint Cyprian the Mage from Scarlet Imprint, if you have the extra pocket money for it (and if not, you should totally save up for it).

And yes, this is probably the last of a flurry of posts on Saint Cyprian for a while.  I am doing other Work in my life, I assure you, but there’s plenty of other crafting talk to mention.

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