Random silliness to entertain yourselves with.

A number of my friends on Twitter make use of this website called Shindanmaker, a kind of random fortune-telling site:

Shindanmaker is a joke web service which diagnoses you by your inputting your name.  Although “Shindan” originally means “diagnosis”, sometimes the meaning of “fortune-telling” is also used.  You can enjoy Shindan made by other users and you can also make them.

Often, they’re kinda silly, though they can be fun.  You just put in your name (any name will do), and it randomly selects for you a particular result for any given shindan.  Look through the site and see what appeals to you; they’re all free and simple to use.  They’re meant to be posted to Twitter in some ways, so if you have a Twitter account (and you totally should and follow me), you can post your results for any of them.

Last night, I got bored and decided to try my hand at making a few shindans.  A simple one I made (available here) generates four geomancy figures based on your name.  This changes from day to day, so it can help in getting a “chart for the day” based on your name.  It can be useful, I assume, so why not give it a whirl the next time you’re interested in doing a daily divination?  Another one was based off some banter between me and the boyfriend, and determines how presh (precious) you are.  Just a silly little thing.

Another one I made, though, is entirely a joke.  You know how a lot of magical or religious organizations have really obscure, long, complex, or convoluted names, right?  I decided to make a random magical order generator, complete with assigning you a rank or grade within the organization.  So, for instance, as of this writing, if I put in “polyphanes”, I get “polyphanes is a Bellator Jovis in the Qabbalistic Skete of the Earthy Death”.  Not bad for a random generator, eh?  It’s just a cute little thing, but it could be helpful for people wanting to start a magical order of their own or something, even if only in tabletop RPGs for the sake of making a dungeon master’s life easier.  I’m still expanding it with whatever adjectives and nouns I can find that are appropriate, so it’ll probably get more varied as time goes on.

And, yes, while it’s possible to get “X is a Magister Templi in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”, you have about a 1 in 24,224,311,440 chance of doing so (as of this writing).  Good luck!  Feel free to share or post your results in the comments.

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